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Recipe for Deep Fried Ice Cream at Ice Cream nd Grill Cafe

Have hear about Fried Ice Cream ya Fried Ice Cream. If not then must read this article. Once you read the you will understand about Fried Ice Cream. We Ice Cream nd Grill Cafe in Model Town have this.

When I first heard about Fried Ice Cream, I thought I was daydreaming and in any case it did not sound too appealing. However, when I first tasted this scrumptious dessert, I could tell that this was going to make it to the top of the favorite dessert list. Please check out my favorite Deep Fried Ice Cream Recipe below:


1.       4-5 scoops of your favourite Ice Cream. You can choose Vanilla

2.       2 tsp of Sugar

3.       3 egg whites - For the toppings

4.       Whipped Cream

5.       Chocolate Sauce

6.       Sliced almonds or cashew nuts

Preparing method for this item:

1. Prepare nice round scoops of the vanilla ice cream and place it in the freezer (overnight).

2. Mix the cornflakes, cinnamon powder and sugar together.

3. Roll the ice cream scoops till them are completely covered and refreeze for at least a couple of hours. If you have more time then you should keep it in your freezer for at least 4 to 6 hours.

4. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites till they are stiff.

5. Roll the ice-cream scoops in the egg batter and the rest of the cornflakes mixture and it is now time to refreeze one more time. After this the cornflakes mixture should cover the scoops much better. The minimum time for freezing should be at least 2-3 hours at this stage. You can freeze it for more hours depending upon the time you have. The longer you freeze, the better it will be.

6. When you are ready to fry - Heat enough oil in a wok or Kadhai (not too hot) and fry the ice-cream scoops until they are slightly golden.

7. Place it in your plate or your dessert bowl and top it with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

8. Serve Immediately. You can optionally also garnish with some sliced almonds or cashew nuts.

You can order Ice Cream and Food form home delivery restaurants near model town and that is ice cream nd grill cafe

There are several different versions to make this dessert. Although this version includes cornflakes and eggs as the outer insulation agent, there are other recipes which use batter to coat the ice-cream scoops before frying. The key here is the refrigeration time. The longer you are able to refrigerate the scoops, it will hold better while frying and the batter or coating will not come apart in the oil. Whether you use batter or cornflakes, the end result is equally yummy.

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