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Reasons Why Enterprises Are Building Their Own Custom Mobile Apps

The smartphone market explodes, manufacturers offering devices with amazing features at attractive prices! With this, the mobile application market has also grown at a remarkable pace. The more recent trend is companies that reach the bandwidth of the custom mobile app, as they begin to recognize the real potential for implementing a strong mobility strategy to connect with customers and business partners via Robust custom mobile applications.


Technological advances have made it possible to develop high-end custom and corporate quality mobile applications that are transparently aligned with existing processes in days or weeks and not months or years. And by combining advanced technological platforms like Hokuapps, mobile applications can be developed at 10 times a speed to help businesses achieve their business goals that much faster. The first step of the process is automated (90%), which consists of choosing from the correct corporate module, the correct design of the Studio design user interface, and the addition of components of the technology via a drag-and-drop approach to application development; While the second step involves the customization of mobile applications (10%) to meet the unique hierarchical requirements of a business - and the application is ready for deployment.


If you are wondering custom mobile app development is worth it, here is twelve reasons why your company needs a personalized commercial application the most:


# 1 - Employees use mobile applications anyway:

The data show a continuous increase in time spent on smartphones. A Flurry Analytics report says that American adults have spent 5 hours a day on these devices. Interestingly, the browser time has shown a constant drop, which has been reported at only 8% of the total time spent on smartphones. This translates into a constant increase in integrated use. What does this mean for businesses? Employees use their smartphones and third-party applications to coordinate with colleagues, remain related to their teams, communicate with customers, planning work and benefits are done faster.


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# 2 - Customers use more and more mobile applications to make purchases:

In 2015 and 2016, the growth of e-commerce seized the securities. Until 2017, M-Commerce has been marked (people using their mobile phones to go shopping). In North America, M-Commerce increased by 13% a year-year and nearly 70% of the total sales of the application, reported a report published by Criteo. And this trend is expected to grow. If your business does not have a custom mobile application centered on the customer, it loses sales. Even worse, your competitors seize such opportunities, not only to grow sales but also customer loyalty, while you miss in action.


# 3 - Customers make purchasing decisions using their cell phones:

Even customers who do not use applications to make purchases are increasingly using their smartphones to make purchasing decisions. Customers have become more insightful today and do their research before buying anything. They could use their phones to check more information even by taking into account your store! According to an article from Outerbox CEO, up to 80% of buyers used their cell phones in brick and mortar stores to check product reviews and compare prices before making a purchase! Can your business afford to lose customers even after walking in your store?


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# 4 - Improves customer relationship:

With a custom mobile application, your business can stay related to customers at any time. They can easily contact you to ask questions about your products or services. Your company can send notifications about any future event or continuous sales to increase sales.


# 5 - Improves efficiency: 

Business applications are developed to meet the specific needs of the company. They are designed to make the processes very streamlined and the tasks easier to accomplish. According to the results of a survey published by FileMaker, 81% of respondents mentioned that custom mobile applications have reduced ineffective tasks. Also, a custom mobile app provides a real-time view of the projects and the performance of your team.


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