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Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney during A Divorce

Numerous people become a victim of unsuccessful marriage. Some who have seen the drama associated with an unhealthy marriage are well aware of the stress that such episodes generate. Such scenes are too common, the fights are meant to take place over custody, vacation homes, investment and everything else that bounds the man and woman together throughout their entire relationship. To solve everything easily and to come out of a failing relationship successfully, what both the parties need immediately is the services of one of the most trustworthy family law attorneys in Eugene.
It is a known fact that to ensure that the entire divorce proceeding moves smoothly and in a peaceful manner, some outside help is very much required. Some typical reasons are there for hiring a family law attorney instead of a divorce attorney Portland Oregon while you are fighting a divorce case. Read on to know more.
Custody of children
You must consider the ultimate destiny of your children before you and your spouse proceed with divorce. Where your children will live permanently, how often they can visit the parent they are not residing with, how you can split the expenses of their living and education with your spouse, etc. These issues can easily be solved by one of the best family law attorneys in Eugene. They can really provide you the perfect guidance regarding over these crucial matters.
Depending on how peaceful and respectful is the split; the decision of custody can be taken in two ways. Either the parents will negotiate through informal settlement in the presence of the attorney or through mediation like resolution option. If neither of these two options work out, then the court will take its own decision. It is better to solve this issue in-house rather to take this sensitive matter to the court.
Ownership of property
During your married life if you have invested in buying properties together, then its quiet a critical issue to divide that property owned by both of you at the time of divorce. Splitting up common assets depends on many factors. Most of the states follow the common law in case of splitting up the properties. An estate planning attorney in Eugene can guide you step by step to achieve this issue.
You will need to present him all the deeds and documents of that common property. If both of you and your spouse’s names are on those paper then the estate attorney will split that property equally between both of you, otherwise if there is a single name, but claim remains from the other one for maintaining that property, then it becomes a bit critical. However, estate planning attorney will take over to solve the problem.
Regarding bank accounts
It’s obvious that spouses share common bank account. The available account balance is needed to be divided between them at the time of divorce. Couples fall in trouble in dividing the funds in a proper ratio between themselves, but a divorce attorney can give the best solution to this anomaly. According to the employment status, credit card used, expenses debited by both the spouses, responsibilities held by any one of the spouse during the married life, the divorce lawyer will suggest proper decision to that couple.


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