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Raviv Dozetas Futuristic Bridge Design Over Irwell Wins an Award

The futuristic bridge over the Irwell has really impressed the planners at Salford City Council. The planners have also gone to the extent of considering to build it. The bridge, that has been designed by one of the youngest architects, Raviv Dozetas and his team, has also won an award. The Salford City Council have been thinking about constructing a new link bridge between The Crescent (A6) and Peel Park for quite some time now and the bridge has been on the drawing board for some time. However, after looking at the design of the bridge developed by Raviv and his team, the council is now very strongly suggesting to go ahead and construct the bridge as per the design put forward by Raviv. Raviv's team includes Ibran Hussain, Danila Shurinov and Hassan Sohail, from the School of the Built Environment. All of them are graduates and are highly experienced. They adopt the latest technologies in the construction field and that is the reason they have become very famous in the industry circles today within a very short span of time. They have also contributed to the design by putting their own vision under the planners’ noses.

As a person who is leading the team, raviv dozetas claimed that he and his team wanted a landmark design that is instantly recognizable, employs the latest construction technologies and is not merely a pass over water but a link between old and new. The team has designed the bridge with strobes of light beaming from it so as to enable the people to be able to see the bridge even in the night from a distance. Raviv claims that the suspension bridge takes inspiration from MediaCityUK and the legendary Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Before starting to work on the design of the bridge, the team looked at many factors from the depth of the river and also checked on how the bridge could be supported at road side. After having come up with the design by doing a lot of research, the team has won the annual Hays Prize for the best final-year research project from the School of Built Environment. Raviv and his team feel extremely proud to have won this award. The team delighted to have been recognized for its work. Raviv is happy that the people are looking for British talent and world class designs. He is happy that he and his team could make a place for themselves in the present scenario of huge competition where property becomes the driving force in the present economy.

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