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Rand McNally +1-877-677-7170 Lifetime Map Updates

Rand McNally Lifetime Map Updates 2019

Get Rand McNally Lifetime Map Updates 2019

Rand McNally Lifetime Maps

Rand McNally Lifetime Map Updates 2019 * program for car truck and RV GPS devices. enables you to update maps on the go for your Rand McNally GPS devices annually. IntelliRoute® TND™ 520, 530, 720, 730, & RVND™ 5525, 7720/5 & 7730/5 devices are already eligible for free Lifetime Maps. Click “Register for Lifetime Maps” on the Rand McNally Dock to enroll. When you purchase Rand McNally Lifetime Maps, your next step to install the map updates. Then , You will receive a confirmation email along with a code to enter in Rand McNally Support Dock. After that, Hook up your Rand McNally GPS device with a computer/laptop using the USB cable , allowing access to Rand McNally’s Dock software. On prompt, enter the Rand McNally lifetime maps code & follow the on screen instructions to get the new map or the update on the device.

I have Lifetime Maps. How do I receive Rand McNally map updates 2019?

To receive updates on your Rand McNally GPS device, so first of all register your GPS device using the Rand McNally Support Dock software on your computer. Once done, Rand McNally Dock will notify you when an update is available for your device to download. Then, On the dock screen look for the button that says “Map Update Available.”

Don’t have the Dock software? Download Rand McNally Dock Support Software.

Terms & Conditions for Lifetime Maps

*The Lifetime Maps feature provides the customer with base map updates for their specific Rand McNally device, when updates are made available on the Rand McNally website. Updated maps have the accurate data so that you don’t come across dead ends in your journey. Lifetime maps can’t be transferred from one person or device to another. For selected models Rand McNally Dock Software is required to perform the map update.

Rand McNally Map Updates

Rand McNally Map Updates

Rand McNally Map Updates

Maps updates & Traffic Everywhere Lifetime provides the solutions in the market for fleet management. RM has also made Tracking a vehicle or map navigation easy for users. Map updates reaches the end user flawlessly. Similarly, the user gets the detailed stats about the weather forecast.

Rand McNally’s store is the place where you can buy all the leading GPS products for truck, car, RV & maps for different regions. In addition to it an Atlas has been introduced on paper for the people. For users Lifetime Maps & Traffic Everywhere subscription is also available in the store.

Lifetime Traffic Everywhere

It is a premium stock feature for selected Rand McNally GPS devices. Receive map updates & real time traffic data for highways, local streets & major truck routes in urban zones. It covers more than 260,000 miles of continuous traffic density on highways and local streets in the U.S. Furthermore, Canada. With the help of Traffic Everywhere you can :

  • Access traffic data anywhere, anytime on internet.
  • Traffic flow and accidents figures so you can plan, route and reroute more easily.
  • Check on accidents, construction, road closures and other traffic tragedies & to avoid dead ends.
  • Search for real time traffic to measure stretch. So,you can decide to stay on the route or to detour.
  • Plan routes based on early warnings related to major events which could impact the traffic.

R McNally is changing everyday travel with its technology. Designed with the driver in mind to to help increase capabilities while reducing distractions. Greatly enhance your road trips with devices built for RV adventures. The ELD 50 is the first E-Log device which installs in no time and allows drivers to view and certify logs, and more, using their own smartphone, tablet, and newer GPS devices. Managers can overview their charts and facts with this u


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