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Questions To Ask Before Hiring a DJ

Think about the wedding music and your wedding dj even as you ponder about the flowers, vows, dresses, cakes, and honeymoon destinations. Not only will music set the tone for the event but also stir emotions on your big day. Songs played by a wedding dj Sydney, dj hire Sydney or wedding dj hire Sydney are also a great way to entertain the guests.
But forget all that! Songs played by a wedding dj for hire in Sydney are a great way to express your love to your partner, catch up with the emotions of the day for the memories and even express your style.
Therefore, how you go about selecting these songs matter a lot. Here are some of the basics in selecting songs for your wedding.
1. Know the basics: The basics include the how many songs you need for a wedding ceremony. You can also select music for processionals and recessional. You could have your favorite songs each as you walk down the aisle.
2. Check your venue: The type of wedding venue tells you about the music choice. Wedding djs in Sydney are very flexible in that they will play your types of songs from everywhere. However, it is essential to know the religious restrictions, for instance about the music you can play when holding weddings in church. You can also sample traditional songs if you are in a conservative environment. That does not make for a boring event.
For instance, wedding dj hire in Sydney can help you select best songs from the lists even when the song is conservative. In some cases, the officiant might need to review your music and lists. Anyway, find out the rules and inform the wedding dj for hire in Sydney long before they play your music.
3. Consider your history: If you have been together for some time, you will find your common likings: there is the song that you love singing together along, an artist or music genre that you share or connect to. Choose songs that you dance to in the kitchen and other places. For instance, they will remind you a lot about each other.
It doesn't have to be songs both of you love: it may be songs you heard at a concert you both attended and so forth
4. Read the lyrics: Never let the dj play the song on your big day before reading the lyrics. This will allow you to sample a song that tells your story. You also get to choose a song that guests and audience love to hear or one that inspires them.
5. Choose a theme: This has to do with selecting songs in the same genre, songs with a similar tempo, or songs from same era to crown it up. This helps give an even flow between songs as your party goes on.
Besides that, think of the feelings you are trying to create and see if you can make it a surprise. Finally, make it a celebration.  


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