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Promotional Printed Products Prove Their Worth

During the Christmas time it is a tradition of most companies to distribute printed promotional key chains in Florida , promotional pens, promotional sport bottles, promotional tote bags and promotional T-shirts to their customers and clients in Florida. But evidence has just emerged that businesses should consider distributing them all year round because they are very effective compared to traditional printed literature.

The research which was carried out by the American Promotional Product Association found that promotional pens in Florida and other items are more effective than print advertising in establishing the company’s name in the mind of the recipient.

From the research which was conducted at Dallas airport, it was found that more than 71% of business travelers had received at least one promotional item in the last one year. Of all the travelers, about 76% said that they could recall the name of the company on the item spontaneously, whereas only 53% could remember the name of the company on a piece of printed literature.

The aim of the study is to consider the impact, exposure as well as influence of promotional products among the target market of business travelers. Importantly, it only examines business to business marketing (B2B), and dis not in any way consider (B2C) marketing.

Just business promotional items like pens and promotional tote bags in Florida are more likely to be used by the recipient; they would definitely remember the name of the company on it whenever they use it. However, the study found that most of the traditional print literature that was delivered to business was almost immediately consigned to the bin. It was the ‘wow’ impact of quality or quirky pens that won against slickest printed materials, and proved that promotional items are certainly no ‘gimmick’.

There is also a great correlation in the mind of the recipient between their opinion of the company that provided the item and the quality of the item provided. Cheap and tacky items are mostly discarded immediately after a brief examination, however quality ones were mostly kept and often used in some extra- special occasion, shown to colleagues or paraded as status symbols.

There are lots of benefits these promotional items offer, some of them includes:

Increased in brand recognition

The goal for business, big or small is to be recognized. How can you make your brand stand out from the crowd and also remain in the mind of the customers, both the current and the potential? The best way is to be creative with your marketing. Promotional products like promotional sports bottles Florida and promotional tote bags Florida are simple tools that can help to increase the brand awareness for your small business by customizing an item that a customer can use in his or her everyday life with a logo.

Mass outreach at a low cost

With a tight budget, it might be difficult to choose the best marketing item for a small business. With a small price tag, but large, lasting impact promotional products are a great value for your investment. Make sure you keep this in mind because this is a very simple way to increase customer loyalty. If you own any form of business, it’s a great way to say thank you.

Alternative business card

Although business card will always be a great business staple, promotional products like key chain are a fun and a creative way to leave a potential customer with your business card, for instance, consider leaving behind your business card and other tangible branded products.

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