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Promo Code for Office Home And Student 2015 – Accessibility to Know

If you are planning to buy Office 2013, you can use promo code Microsoft Office 2015, this year to get this suite. Once you make this purchase and begin using the suite, you will find that it has better accessibility features, thereby making it the best choice for people with disabilities. Not only for these people, content creators and those frequently making presentations will be in a position to get access to their content in an easy and user-friendly manner. Here are some details about the accesiblity feature of the suite and these details will come handy when you use promo code Office 2015 to get this product from Microsoft.

There is the wonderful ribbon interface and every command in this interface can be controlled with the help of keyboard. Like in the earlier, Office suite, this edition also has the ribbon interface making it easier for the users. Also, this interface can be easily accessed with the help of keyboard just by pressing the F10 key. If you are intending to move left in the interface, you can use control plus left arrow button in your keyboard. You should do the opposite thing, when you want to move right. So, with Promo Codes for Microsoft Office, you can enjoy cost saving features to get a suite that can be easily accessed with the help of keyboard.

Also, most of the commands in this suite takes just two to five keystrokes and the key to be used can also be found just when they look at the command. Yes, the letter to be pressed is highlighted in the name of each command for easy accessibility. Initially, the ribbon interface earned many criticisms, but when you customize this interface as per your personal requirements, you can enjoy better accessibility in addition to the cost saving benefit with promo codes for Microsoft Office 2015. For customization, you will have to go to file, then click on the options tab and then you will have to visit the page called ‘customize ribbon’.

When you get this suite with or without promo codes for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2015, you will find that you can adjust the size of the presentation, worksheet and document as per your requirement. This means that you can find the zoom in and zoom out features to get the bigger or smaller size view. If you are looking for the online version of Office suite, you can go for promo code Microsoft Office 365.

Promo code Office 365 can be used for purchase of different versions of Office 365 suite at a friendly cost. After comparing the different versions, you can finally use the promo codes for Microsoft Office 365 to get your suitable version.


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