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Prevent Miscarriages with Certain Miracle Foods

A spontaneous loss and natural death of an embryo or fetus is said to be miscarriage. Most often it happens when a woman even knows that she is expecting. As per the studies, about 15-20% of recognized pregnancies will drastically end with miscarriage. 
Though there is a no bigger shock than losing your new born in starting months of pregnancy, yet mostly one in five pregnancies ends this way. Reasons could be any, while two most common factors that usually results in miscarriage are- 
• Embryo health, if it was damaged and unable to grow into healthy fetus. 
• Living environment of embryos, if it is in unhealthy environment that didn’t support healthy development of a fetus. 
However chromosomal abnormalities, progesterone deficiencies and immune abnormalities are some of the other causes of miscarriages. These problems are usually occurs because of no reason. The whole point is that in order to be fertile, you need to be healthy enough. 
Just by adding some food items in your diet and by avoiding some dangerous food items during pregnancy, you can provide embryo a healthy environment so that it will implant successfully. 
Miracle foods to add in your diet
• Add lean meats in your diet as they contains high amount of zinc maintains a healthy reproductive system. If you are lacking the presence of zinc in your body, it can prevent your body from pregnancy. Lean meats are good source of zinc required to sustain a strong reproductive system and health. 
• For Vitamin B6 and Zinc, Egg yolk is the best source. Consider it is a natural booster for progesterone and helps support healthy embryo implantation. There is also a high level of zinc in egg yolk that helps producing healthy sperm in men as well as maintains a healthy pregnancy in women. 
• Drink enough water for proper hydration of body. Drinking plenty of water does not only replenish the loss of water and keeps you hydrated but also fulfill the requirement of most important element in your body to function properly. 
• Organic vegetables and fruits are always recommendable as it helps making your uterus lining strong and thick which is the most critical element to maintain a healthy pregnancy. In order to attach embryo with the uterus lining, connective tissue must be strong enough and Vitamin C is the key nutrient helps in strengthening the connective tissue and blood vessels. You can try folic acid supplements along with organic fruits and vegetables for the same. 
• Whole grains are another food item which you need to consider as it again very rich in zinc need to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to add 100% whole grains in your diet which is rich in fiber too this helps in getting rid of excess hormones and toxins. It maintains your sugar level.
• Vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acid are essential to foster regular menstrual cycle and reduces inflammation that makes implantation and conception more successful. 

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