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Premium LiPo Batteries & Excellent Customer Support

At Pulse Battery, the primary focus is producing the very best LiPo technology to date, providing a superior battery in every category when it comes to RC applications. Whether it be helicopters, airplanes, FPV racing and beyond, Pulse has engineered LiPo solutions of all types & sizes to meet the demands that require a second to none LiPo battery for helicopter experience.

USA based with a customer support team that cares about every purchase, Pulse offers rapid support via email and phone, allowing Pulse's knowledgeable staff to support questions & technical matters when it comes to the usage of all Pulse batteries. From helicopters, airplanes, FPV racing & beyond, the Pulse staff can answer your questions and provide the recommendations for the best overall LiPo experience, bar none.

Designed for the most demanding levels of RC abuse, Pulse batteries incorporate the highest quality materials for maximum levels of amperage draw when it comes to modern day brushless power. From LiPo batteries that range from 25C to 100C in discharge capability, Pulse batteries offer intense levels of power & performance for the application at hand.

Engineered for ultra fast charging, Pulse batteries are designed to be charged at an ultra rapid 5C charge rate, cutting LiPo charge times down to 15 minutes or less. This equates to far less charge time and much greater run time without any detriment to the battery itself. Compared to common 1C batteries that can take over a full hour to charge, Pulse offers superior charging performance that give the end user a second to none experience during usage or charge.

With performance as a main focal point, Pulse has not lost sight of customer & warranty support. Designed to last hundreds of cycles, Pulse offers a full (90) day warranty with every Pulse battery sold. This warranty covers any manufacturer defect or fault - covering the customer if an issue arises that is outside of the noted Pulse quality and performance.

Offering an ultra convenient one stop LiPo shop, Pulse battery offers a vast array of LiPo batteries with an extensive array of LiPo chargers & battery accessories. From connectors, wires, LiPo safes, bags and high power chargers, you can find absolutely everything you'll ever need when it comes to LiPo battery support. Pair this with fast USA based shipping and Free shipping for any USA based order $100.00 or more, and you have the perfect shop for your LiPo based needs.

Outside of the USA? Pulse has you covered. Shipping regulations limit any battery greater than 100Wh being shipped via air, but Pulse can still ship any battery under this wattage. Pair this with excellent LiPo pricing on all Pulse batteries carried, Pulse batteries offer the very best value when it comes to a true high performance, high power LiPo application.

Looking for the best LiPo brand name in the business with the best shopping support, bar none? Pulse Battery is your go to shop, offering premium LiPo performance for nearly every RC application you can find!

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