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Preliminary SEO Steps for a New Website

While designing a website, it is equally important to have the SEO in place too. Assessing the SEO should be done from the very beginning and not after launching the website. This brings in favourable results in increasing the rankings of the website. Consider the following steps from the very beginning to keep your website SEO in top positions.

Suitable Domain Name

The first step for any website launch is to choose a viable domain name. It should be such that clearly depicts the content of the webpage. It is also advisable to have the main keyword within the domain name for an easy search. There are many sites which help you choose a domain name providing options of the available names as per your requirements.

Host Web Provider

A web host with good speed and connectivity is the ideal choice for any website. Slow functioning or breakdown of servers causes inconvenience to the netizens. It hampers the availability of the site and thus has an adverse effect on the site’s SEO. Freelance SEO services in India help companies sign up with the best hosts for their websites.

Keyword Utilization

When searching on the internet for anything, keywords play a very important role. The choice of keywords should be specific to the product and the terms should have a clear focus on the SEO. Long tail keywords give a more realistic and broad spectrum and are therefore more often used within the content. Hiring dedicated SEO services for your website which can help you with proper keywords utilization can garner more viewership.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description which is just below the page title should be very precise and relevant. Words in the description matching the search words draw attention to the website. Usage of keywords in the meta description creates more visibility in the search results. This text is the key to the content of the page and should highlight the target points of the website.

Mobile Friendly Site

People nowadays want everything at the fingertips and having it on the mobile is the easiest of them all. With most of the internet browsing and searches being done through mobile phones, it is important to have a website which is mobile friendly. Young computer enthusiasts provide services for freelance SEO to startups or low to medium budgeted businesses to set up their websites. This can help companies hire people at affordable rates for the website.

SEO is a work of long-term and requires you to be updated at all times about your website. It needs consistent value content and feedbacks to keep your rankings high. Dedicated SEO in India keeps a close check on the websites in order to provide the best search results to internet users.

Keeping your website updated with guest blogs, feedbacks, and relevant articles is a good way to maintain visibility on the search engines. Hiring SEO professionals who can handle your website activity will reap you benefits in the long run.



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