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Polyester wash: You have to pay attention to these:

Washing polyester at home is not art in itself. The best option is to use the New York Dry Cleaning service. So that nasty odors in synthetic materials have no chance at all.

However, we have to pay attention to a few things.

The big advantage of synthetic fabrics and mixed fibers - they are light and comfortable to wear. However, to ensure that the smell of sweat on the clothes does not even come about, proper care is important. Whether polyacrylic, viscose, elastane or just polyester - the following laundry tips offered by New York Dry Cleaning service should be heeded:

Polyester wash: The best laundry tips:

Hand wash, washing machine or even cleaning? Before we just put the clothes in the washing machine, we should look at the clothing label. As far as cleaning is allowed, we can start.

Hand washes: Turn the garment to the left and soak in a warm water bath with a suitable detergent. Then rinse with cold water.

Washing program with washing machine: Polyester fibers do not tolerate too high temperatures. They should be washed at 40 degrees. Also, a fine wash program or a gentle cycle at low speed is recommended.

Detergent: With mild detergent, we cannot make a mistake whether we should generally resort to powder or liquid detergents. Detergent: Which should I take? Softener can be added or omitted depending on preferences.

Stain Remover: We can soak stains overnight in milk. For example, to remove a ballpoint pen or mineral water to remove tomato stains. Another suitable home remedy for stain removal in polyester is also dishwashing detergent.

What about a synthetic duvet? Your duvet made of synthetic fibers is also washable. Some can even go to the kitchen, which is especially important for allergy sufferers. Again, care should be taken individually on the care label. But even a duvet made of down can often be washed at 60 degrees and down we even keep a little warmer.

Polyester Wash: Best Care Tips:

Proper drying: Polyester fabric can be placed in the dryer at low temperature. Alternatively, we can hang our clothes on the clothesline outdoors. We should avoid direct sunlight. Or we hang her up on a hanger in the apartment. So that no mold in the apartment arises, we have to ventilate properly.

Correct ironing: Always turn the garment to the left and iron with low heat. Too high temperatures make the fibers shine. At best, we hang the garment directly on.


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