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Politics – Is it a governmental or NGO?

The biggest democracy in the world is in the news, yet again. Thanks to the Lok Sabha of Maharashtra Elections 2014, the drama unfolding the political parties is out again. Newer parties and newer members are joining this party system and creating glories out of marbles.

Quite sad, the working of the party members is the talk of the town. Their practises and philosophies, the morale that surrounds these party members is quite different. There is a lot that needs to be changed within party members.

Post-independence, while new India was reeling under the effects of freedom and the task of forming a country was upon the people, few inspired minds formed an organisation to take care of the people and form territories to govern them, true democracy style. 60 years later, the governmental job has become so corrupt that it forgot the meaning of its true existence. It has become a corporate trying to steal of the country’s potential while ignoring its state of affairs.

But a change has swept the system past few years. The entry of young Indian politicians has changed a few things. This is a beginning of nothing but a new layer of transparency and accountability into our age old Indian democracy practice. Young political leaders of India are now being inspired to make a change. These true democratic leaders do understand the significance of rising towards solving challenges and denouncing corruption from their party.  Young Indian politicians have begun to take on the challenge of developmental work and the need for infrastructural development. These youngsters have also increased the party young support through social median platforms. Facebook, twitter, and instagram, young political leaders of India have taken various steps to connect with the audience and listen to their pleas.

And the result is out for everyone. Corruption practices are not a hidden gold under the sand. They are making news everywhere, forcing party members to take steps to evict the corrupt practices. Various evil schemes and practices are not fooling people like those during the yesteryears. They are turning into the NGO like and following true principles of love thy neighbour. Just like how NGO’s run with a passion burning within enthusiastic minds, the politicians should master the same. Money, fame and power should not be the motto. If good work is done, these will come automatically. And while the government decides to solve the problems of the needy, it should use the taxes of the common man more efficiently. And when the government unfurls its agenda to suit an NGO, it will get the deserved praise and appreciation of the people. And a true victory shall be celebrated; that day is not far away. 


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