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Planning a Perfect Holiday in Bali

Bali Tour Package

Stepping away from your busy work life on a holiday has never been easier with affordable Bali tour packages. Rid of stress and experience life and nature from a different view and time zone. Located just 80 km south of the equator, the place enjoys two favorable weather seasons wet and dry, has beautiful beaches, coral reefs, volcanic mountains, and rice paddies. Your experience rests on your selection of Bali tour package. In this post, we are going to share what you need to prepare and pack for your Bali tour.  

Packing list 

You need to reduce your baggage to be manageable easy to carry. Only pack things that you will use and require at certain points in time depending on your Bali package. Make sure that 4 to 8 weeks before you depart for your Bali tour, you are vaccinated from Dengue fever, hepatitis A, typhoid, and malaria. 

Travel documents 

It is not always a must but since the chances of having your documentation lost are always there, you must make copies of all documents and keep them separately. Have a water-resistant sleeve to safeguard your papers from water damage when you are around waterfalls or anywhere near water. 


When you are traveling in the dry season you must have sunscreen with you all the time as it gets very hot at times when it comes to the equatorial ultraviolet (UV) radiation. You wouldn't like to have holiday pictures with sunburnt faces. Though all sunblocks work the same, it is best that you pack sun cream that is made specifically for skin types like yours. 


The views in Bali are the best ever if you love to capture events and moments at the beaches, temples, waterfalls, trekking, hiking in the mountainous forests, and volcanoes. If you are a couple on one of the Bali honeymoon tour packages a picture will last longer and it is the best souvenir you can show your future kids. 


If you have interests in paragliding or diving in the coral reefs you can capture some of the greatest pictures and videos while enjoying yourself Bali. You can attach your GoPro on your forehead, bicycle, skateboard, satchel, or any other object while you go around taking videos and pictures of your tour. 

Charger and Battery backup 

You need to keep all your electronics running, which is why you should not forget to pack chargers for the appliances you have decided to bring with you so you do not have power outages at crucial times. Pack your power bank and extra batteries for backup when you are in a remote location away from electricity.


To avoid packing unnecessary clothes, pack depending on the season of your visit, and the type of package. When visiting temples, small villages, and sacred sites, you must wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders. You can also minimize baggage by packing quick drying clothes or you can buy from local shops. 

Hiking gear 

If you are going on a Bali land package you must have proper outdoor wear. When trekking the volcanoes, forests, and villages you need clothing that will be able to protect you from the rough terrain that includes hiking shoes, casual trousers, and long jackets.      


Given the hot temperatures, flip flops are the best especially if you will be visiting the beach, temples, sacred places. There are some bars, and shops where you are asked to take off your shoes, but will not run the risk of having them stolen.

Sun Hats 

You must bring with you a sun hat as the heat radiation can sometimes be too much. Too much heat may cause drowsiness and headaches, which is why you must avoid exposing your head and skin to direct sunlight. 

First aid kit 

When going trekking or hiking, always consider the possibility of someone getting injured in a remote location where it takes long for medical assistance to reach. You must pack adequate medication to disinfect and cover wounds. Make sure you also pack anti-diarrhea medicine.

Mosquito repellent

Though you will be on vacation, you will still need mosquito repellent to protect you from mosquito bites. 

Closing up

You can make your reservation through an international tour operator providing exciting Bali tour packages. It is still important that you carry some extra money on the side. Whether you pick Bali Tour Package from Mumbai or from Ahmedabad, you can get a great deal of variety in terms of how they are constituted. Remember to stay hydrated at all times by drinking lots of water and juices. Smoking is banned in public places you must observe such laws. For a couple on a honeymoon package, it is best that you get an option that is crafted to give you a great romantic experience in Bali.




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