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Pet Doors for the Elderly Dog

I have got a lot of questions over the years about the care of elderly dogs. As the canines age there is a drastic change in there is a see change in their body chemistry, but the most affected is their physical health. This makes it important that you should be extra careful while selecting a pet door for your elder dogs. Not necessarily your dog needs the best dog door when he wants to go out for a walk or anything, but at times when dogs are on medication they need to frequently walk and can wake you up in the middle of the night for the same.

In all these circumstances, it makes sense to have the best dog doors installed so that it works well for your pet. When your dog gets old the same dog door simply doesn’t work for him anymore. It’s not just but we humans too have special needs as we age. Speaking of pet doors, you need to take care of following factors when choosing one for an elderly dog.

Installation Type

Installation is not much of a concern when you are choosing a dog door for young canines. They have the energy and stamina to jump a few inches with ease. However the same is not true for elder dogs and an installation few inches above the ground can be a lot strenuous. Therefore you should choose a location on your house where the dog door can be installed preferably at the ground level or at most 2” inches above the floor. You need to look for such a spot in your home where a pet door can be mounted as mentioned. If there is no such spot available then you should consider an alternate location. If that is not possible then consider constructing a ramp or steps for easy accessibility.

Magnet Strength

Electronic and magnetic lock dog doors are very popular because of their safety feature.  If you are choosing a pet door with magnetic lock, make sure you choose one that has lower magnetic strength. Common pet doors have high magnetic strength that can be hard for elderly dogs to push. For your old pet we suggest the door that has the magnet on the flap as such doors is easy to open for weaker pets.

Flap Clarity

As dogs age, they usually suffer from vision troubles and it makes some dog doors challenging for them. Your dog may not be able to easily see the flap of the dog door.  This is why we suggest a dog door with enough flab clarity so that light can pass through it and your dog can easily find it.  There are dog doors available with vinyl flaps that are translucent.

These are some of the important suggestions you need to keep into account while choosing a dog door for your elderly dog. Based on your pet’s physical health, size and preferences choose a dog door wisely. 


The best dog doors for elderly pets are the ones that are easy to access. The one that is easy to operate and has enough visibility is the best dog door for the aged pets. 


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