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Pattern Grading Software: Helping Create Customized and Right Fit Clothes

Have you been struggling to manufacture clothes that have the same pattern but different sizes? Have you been unable to find employees that are skilled in pattern grading? If yes, you have come to the right place. To explain in brief, pattern grading is defined as the process of expanding a pattern to clothes of different shapes and sizes of the same garment design. Pattern grading is a skill developed over time with practice and experience. Now, we understand that your company has been in this field for some time and you might not have the time to train your existing employees for pattern grading. But you don’t need to be disappointed because technology can certainly help and speed up your work.

Advancement in technology has provided us the ability to build software products that are easy to learn and give excellent results. The same is true for pattern grading! Nowadays several companies in the market offer the highest quality of pattern grading software that has easy functions and give outstanding results. Having a pattern grading software can be beneficial for you in the following way:

· A pattern grading software will help you organize the designing and minimize the workload by giving you top-notch results. 

· A pattern grading software provides you the ability to manufacture customized apparel and designs helping you cater to a larger audience.

· A pattern grading software allows you to visualize your design and patterns on virtual models helping you reduce errors and cut costs. 

As you can see a pattern grading software will certainly increase your efficiency and provide maximum customer satisfaction. 

Companies like [TC]² are known to provide the finest grading pattern software to the fashion and apparel industry. [TC]² is amongst the leading companies that are known to provide advanced technology to the fashion and clothing industry. Other than the fashion industry, the body scanning products of [TC]² are used by medical, health & fitness, and 3D printing sectors. No matter whether you want to buy TC2-21 3D Body Scanner,TC2-19R Mobile Scanner, [TC] ²-105 Full-Color Scanner, FinelyFit or Imagetwin Mirror, you can always trust [TC]². Established in 1979, the company has already assisted numerous companies in the market by providing the finest technology. The company is widely known to provide the best in class 3D body scanners for point to point measurement. Going a step further, the company also provides advanced pattern grading software to the industry. So, don’t wait up! Provide the finest clothing with [TC]² pattern grading software. Contact them now. 

About [TC]²:

[TC]² is a leading company known to provide the best quality 3D body scanners, pattern grading software, and cutters and spreaders.

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[TC]² is the world’s first and the largest 3D body manufacturer serving the Fashion, Fitness, and Medical Industries. We bring full solutions to our customers. We are formed to offer 3D body scanners, Consultancy, Training, Installation services, Maintenance & support, Sizing information, specialized software to our targeted vertical markets.

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