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Pastor Teaching: A Gift For The Chosen Few

The term' pastor' has been derived from the Greek word 'Poimen', meaning a shepherd or a supervisor. In the Biblical context, pastors and the teachers are those pious souls, who took responsibility of spreading God's messages among mankind, helping them to establish a holy communion with Him.

Pators are often addressed as shepherds, because of the close similarity in their intrinsic natures. While the shepherd undertakes the responsibility of nurturing his sheep, protecting it from the predators, and guiding it towards a safe zone where it can graze freely, the pastor also leads his followers towards a better life, enlightening them about the supreme power of God's will and His bountiful blessings that can purify mankind to attain salvation. While the sheep gradually develops trust on the shepherd, mankind too, learns in due course that their pastor is the spiritual disciple of God, who has been sent on earth by the divine providence to serve Him and His church. The pastor has the immense potentiality to control a community catering to its needs.

The duty of a pastor primarily involves, spreading and circulating God's messages among mankind, teaching it the holy scriptures of the Bible, and making it comprehend the infinite glory of Christ, the embodiment of God. By dint of his sublime spirituality, he helps a wretched soul achieve God's grace. It is by doing all these, that the pastor succeeds in nurturing the ' sheep' of the Almighty. To continue click on

God endows on a humble soul from His church, the gift of pastor and teaching. The pastor is commissioned by God to fulfill the same mission, as He has for His church. He is considered to be a humble man, leading an ascetic life who makes the gospels of Christ, the very core of his being. The agenda of his work, also revolves around the holy gospels. God confers upon him the supreme role of being the leader of mankind, to help it get rid of all the vices that hinders the achievement of salvation. Pastoring and teaching is thus a noble work, and not all do have the potentiality to undertake this role. Pastoring and teaching requires immense humility as, although the pastor is given an authoritarian role by God, he is not suppose to aspire for wealth, luxury, recognition and fame. Pastor teaching is similar to the work allotted by God, to the Ephesians, the apostles and the prophets.

John, the great shepherd of God had enumerated some qualities of a good shepherd. John had said that a dedicated shepherd is he, who submits his life for the cause of his sheep. He would never leave his sheep on the threshold of peril, if the wolves arrive. Being a good shepherd, he would not consider his sheep to be separate entities, detached from his own soul. Rather, he would connect soulfully with the sheep, and their trust on him would be unquestionable. The herd would easily recognize the voice of the shepherd, even amidst the crowd. The herd's relationship with their shepherd would be exactly like that of John's association and integration with the Holy spirit, who had bestowed upon him the task of pastoring and teaching. The pastor should be philanthropic and affectionate to mankind, just as the shepherd is benevolent towards his herd. Even if a sheep does not belong to his flock, he should embrace it and take care of it. The role of the pastor thus demands infinite sacrifice, and the gift of pastoring and teaching is showered by God on His chosen few.


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