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Password not Working for Yahoo mail

Go through following to fix the issue of password not working for Yahoo mail

You are trying to log into your account but unable to log -in as there is issue with the password. You must be entering the right password but unable to get into your account as there could be multiple reasons like someone has sneaked into your account and changed the password, there might be another reason like you had logged out of your account but when you just forgot the password, in all the cases all you need to do Yahoo password recovery.

You can go through following procedure to recover your password:

  • For account password recovery, go to account recovery page of Yahoo.

  • Click on Trouble Signing in.

You can recover your account in one of the following ways:

  • Using recovery phone number.

  • Using email address.

  • Answering security questions

  • If you had set the recovery phone number to recover your account, then only you can use this process otherwise use primary email ID or recover answering security questions.

  • If you use the recover your password through recovery phone number, you need to nnter the phone number in the space provided.

  • A code is sent on the phone number then enter the code on the account recovery page.

The next option that you can use for Yahoo password recovery is using primary email


  • Enter the primary email ID on the account recovery page.

  • A link to reset your password is sent on your account recovery page.

  • Open your primary account in the next tab.

  • Click on the link that has been sent by Yahoo to recover your password.

  • When you click on the link that has been sent by Yahoo to reset your password, it leads you to the page on which you can reset the password.

  • While resetting the password, you need to pay attention that you make a combination of

    small letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers, and keep password strength strong.

  • Once password has been reset and you have made Yahoo Password Recovery, you can login and logout using new password.

  • If somehow you are unable to use any of the above methods, you can use third option of answering security questions.

  • You are required to provide same answer as you had during account formation.

Go through above steps to recover your account and once recovered, you can log into your account using the new password.


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