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Parking Management — Devote in a Society Management Software to challenge it with ease

Indian environs of Housing societies is developing slowly with the arise in the housing societies and its residents in India. And that’s why matters that occur within the community are unavoidable. The most usual and the most tiresome issue or problem is — Parking Management, which can be automated using a Society Management Software or a Society Management Software Solution, but many time the situation remains dreadful even after sorting out the problem.

Hamari Society, one of the leading Online Society Management System in Mumbai, during its research while designing the Society Management System in Mumbai, came across many controversies within the housing community just because of parking spaces. Hence it is quite beneficial for society members and the administration to have the fundamental know-how of the parking spaces and its concerned rules.

Note that the builders and society administrations are not allowed to ‘sell’ parking spaces as a separate facility according to ‘Apartment Act’. Types of Parking’s classified in India by law are:

● Open: The detected spaces within the society premises.

● Moderately Covered: Usually have shades above so that it can be prevented from direct sunlight and rain exposure.

● Garage: A proper brick and mortar structure, covered on all four corners.

Prices range from few thousands to lakhs — so keep in mind the above parking categories while arranging with the society administration regarding the prices.

Moreover, even after ‘selling’ the spaces, its proper management is quite a beneficial aspect as well, and not many Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai offer a separate module within the core software.

Shalaka Narwankar, Poorvi Apartment from Marol, says, “When you purchase Hamari Society’s Society Management Application which possesses an inbuilt parking management section for admins, you can:

● Maintain a record of all the registered vehicles of your society and easily administer and keep the database updated anytime and from anywhere.

● Allocate the parking spaces to residents from the tip of your fingertips.

● Easily manage and control visitors’ parking, real time. Not every Society Management Software in India is pliable enough to adjust visitor parking management as well along with the core software.

Along with the rise in the housing societies, there is an enhance in the number of Society Management Systems in India too, each one with its distinctive features and pricing. But Hamari Society on the other hand, has a distinctive mingle of prices and the aspects, crafted to serve all, making it one of the best and fastest growing Society management software in Mumbai.”

About Hamari Society:

Hamari Society offer excellent housing management services and make the society management work really uncomplicated by easily connecting with all the society members solve their issues and regularly make them update regarding society’s activities. 




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