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What is an Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board?

An Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is known by a multiple names that include iSUP Board, Inflatable SUP Board and so on. This kind of paddle board has a unique design that is made from multiple layers of PVC connected together with polyester threads that give the board a stiff shape. These Boards can be used for multiple kinds of paddleboarding however, it is not suitable for surfing or racing. Most of these boards have a maximum PSI pressure level of 15.

Advantages of owning an ISUP Board:

1) Portability - It can be fitted into a back pack once deflated

2) Light Weight - These boards are light weight and can be easily carried

3) The are way strong and durable than other paddle boards

Where to find best iSUP Boards in 2020?

In case you are looking best suppliers for paddle boards of any kind including iSUP Boards then China is one of the most well known countries where you can find them. It is not necessary to visit the country, you can find the suppliers online as well. Following is a list of suppliers that can be trusted for best paddle board supplies:

1) Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B platform where you can find hundreds of suppliers for iSUP boards. You can also benefit from the Alipay services by securely paying for your orders. You can find reliable suppliers not only from China but also from other countries.

2) Q&C Outdoors (Hong Kong) Limited

Q&C Outdoors is one of the fasted growing Outdoor water sports equipment suppliers that offers you inflatable stand up boards and other water sports equipment at very reasonable pricing and low minimum order quantity.

3) Made in China

The second largest B2B platform in the world, can offer you one of the best suppliers of iSUP boards from China. However, this platform is only suitable in case you are looking for Chinese Suppliers only.

4) TradeFord

TradeFord is one of the fastest growing B2B market place where you can find the Chinese suppliers of iSUP paddle boards. The count of suppliers might not be much however, the reliability of suppliers can be trusted blindly.

5) Global Sources:

Global sources is an online resource where you can search for suppliers of any kind of water sports equipment since it is known to be one of the largest Trade Directory


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