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Outsource JQuery Developers To Build Large Scale Apps

In this post, we will be going through numerous range of tools and options required to build a JQuery application. JQuery is an excellent javascript library comprising of a wide range of touch-friendly UI widgets and Ajax navigation system to support animated transitions/ effects. The applications developed using jQuery are compact and end up providing a significant infrastructure especially when it comes to developing large-scale apps.

Now JavaScript has always been an integral part of building web page especially when you want to have any degree of dynamic content or interactivity. Nothing seems to be possible without the library that provides a well-designed set of tools for development. Although there are developers who have argued in the past that building large scale applications using Dojo, MooTools or YUI is a wise decision to make but most of the outsource jQuery developers have started creating one with JavaScript as it is as good without too much extra effort.

Getting started with JQuery

Over the recent years, the framework has been around the web as well as smartphones for a while but the technology was initially designed to develop browser apps. Here is a small toolkit available through which you can build a large-scale JQuery application.

Dependency management- There are many script dependencies which you would prefer to load within a specific order especially while writing large-scale applications.  Earlier many outsource JQuery developers created an app using just hierarchically-organized script tags but today, with the help of few more features such as loading different scripts, turn out to be quite helpful.

Some of the most dominant script loaders for JQuery are:

  • RequireJS- Well, being a developer, I would personally like to recommend this especially if you plan to keep more modular. Most of the modules tend to limit their impact on the global namespace and be more explicit about mentioning their immediate dependencies. Moreover, it also features an optimization tool that allows the developer to combine and group your scripts into small sets of minified scripts.
  • LabJS- This works best when a JQuery developer wants the script to be effectively loaded in a particular order. Besides, in case if you are looking for a more lightweight solution than choosing RequireJS.
  • StealJS- StealJS is another excellent dependency management tool which is also considered as a part of javascript MVC package. Also, this includes concatenation, compression and code cleaning.
  • JSL Script loader- JSL script loader is another decent contenter which supports lazy lading, ordered loading, duplicate source prevention and catching. In fact, most of the reliable outsource jQuery developers think that this script loader is not extensively tested as LabJS or Require.
  • Bootstrap- Among all, Bootstrap is the less feature-rich option than others but in the end, it definitely gets the job done. In case, if you are looking for a minimal solution without any such frills, choose Bootstrap.

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MVC & Organization for large-scale jQuery application

The design patterns and architectural patterns enables the developer to create reusable, structured and more organized pieces of code. With the help of these patterns, any outsource jQuery developer can assure the consistency of the coding style and structure.

MVC (Modern-View-Controller) with Javascript & JQuery 

MVC is basically an architectural pattern used on the server-side especially when creating web applications. The argument is pretty clear that MVC-structured server-side codebase should suffice while on the other hand, others believe that complexity and scale of JQuery application increase especially at the enterprise level, patterns like MVC needs to be taken into account.

Working with MVC

Objects in MVC are separated into three main categories:-

Model- the model in your application represent knowledge and data. For instance, get a method or all the methods which fall under this umbrella. The models are isolated and know nothing about the view nor the controller.  

View- If we see from the web perspective, view can be considered as UI. In fact, they are generally dumb in nature and don’t need to perform validation logic. Views always tend to be isolated and know nothing about the model nor the controller.

Controller- The controller sits right between the model and view. It performs all the necessary logic/ data manipulation that is needed to get data from the model to the view. Most of the validation is done by the controller from the view and are aware of both the view and the model.


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