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Outsource Adwords Management

Digital marketing is one of the biggest tactics that help to fulfill all your dreams. There are many types of services in digital marketing that are useful for all types of businesses. If anybody has their own business then our outsource adwords management company is here to help you. PPC is the way to get more leads and spread your business to the world. If you want to make your business more visible than consult us at any time.


Whether you run an AdWords eCommerce campaign or a PPC campaign for a law firm, here are some simple and effective ways to make the landing pages perform better.

Remove the Clutters

A good landing page is one with a simple and clean look that follows the right layout in an extremely smooth flow. No flashy elements and no gaudy colour schemes! The highlight should be the offer a visitor has come looking for.

Establish Ad-Landing Page Congruency

Most landing pages fail to keep up the promise made by a PPC ad. To maintain relevancy, the landing page may:

  • Have the same headline as the ad
  • Extend the offer in continuation. For example, if you are an attorney PPC agency, design a landing page with a headline like ‘15 Years of Experience in Divorce Cases’ corresponding to the directing ad with a headline ‘Experienced Divorce Lawyers’.
  • Explain how you offer to solve the problem or address the query if the visitor takes the prescribed action

One Ad One Landing Page One Purpose

Only and only one ad should direct to one landing page as it would allow you to target the right keywords more specifically and track the PPC ad performance. Going further, each landing page should focus on one specific action. Don’t bombard the visitors with tasks like ‘Read a Guide’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Subscribe to Newsletter’ and more all at once.

What Should It Have?

The landing page should have elements like:

  • Image: Choose one top-quality image which is relevant to the product/service you are offering
  • Video: A short and crisp video highlighting your offer engagingly can influence the viewer to take an immediate decision
  • Trust and Social Proofs: Trust badges, testimonials and proofs like ‘number of downloads’ may work in your favour
  • CTA: Well-designed, strategically-placed and aptly-visible call-to-action buttons draw desired actions

What Should It Not Have?

Avoid on your landing page the things like:

  • Heavy menus and navigation links. Let the focus be on the specific action of that page
  • Scary form lengths. Making them fill too many form fields may turn off their interest

What Else?

  • Make sure that the landing page loads fast
  • Design it to be mobile-friendly
  • Conduct A/B testing for different designs and select the best one
  • Don’t hesitate to tweak and adjust the content for a personalized experience

Consult a PPC advertising specialist like AdWords PPC Expert that has expertise in AdWords eCommerce and is a reputed dentist, plumber and attorney PPC agency. Optimizing landing pages for better PPC returns is among their many fortes.




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