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Orthodontist in Gladstone Lay Out Crooked Teeth Issues That Can Be Solved By Invisalign

Getting Invisalign in Parkville can be one of the decisions you have ever made if you are suffering from an issue stemming from crooked teeth. Some people may think that Invisalign only helps out with one or two kinds of crooked teeth, and it is these same people who are surprised when they discover the broad range of different crooked teeth issues that can be fixed by this modern alternative to braces. If you are not sure, yourself, of the different kinds of crooked teeth problems that can be solved by wearing Invisalign trays, you should definitely read the rest of this article.


1. Crowding

Crowding can happen when teeth don't have enough room to come out of the gums. Instead of coming out like normal and laying nice and straight, they end up pushing forward towards the front of the mouth or somewhere else. Tooth removal can be avoided if this condition is caught and treated early enough.


2. Spacing

Spacing causes teeth to drift out of their normal position and can be caused by missing teeth, a tongue thrusting habit, poor periodontal health, or other issues. Sometimes it may only cause an aesthetic problem, but other times it can cause a more painful problem as the teeth loosen.


3. Teeth Protrusions or Overjet

An orthodontist in Gladstone will tell you that teeth protrusions; also known as overjet, has been the cause of low self esteem for many kids for quite some time. This happens when the upper teeth extend too far forward and the lower teeth don't extend enough. Extreme cases end up with kids or people being teased and called names like buck teeth.


4. Crossbite

Crossbite occurs when the upper teeth in a person's jaw sit inside of their lower teeth, and this can cause the jaw to experience problems. It can

also cause the teeth to wear down faster and can cause the gums to recede. Getting Invisalign in Parkville may be able to solve this tooth problem.


5. Openbite

Openbite happens when the lower and upper front teeth don't overlap and chewing issues, speech problems, lisps, and headaches can come from it when left untreated. Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting can cause openbite.


6. Overbite

Overbite is especially common in children, but it can happen to anyone. When the top front teeth come over the lower front teeth, this can cause the lower teeth to sink into the roof of the mouth. Jaw pain, sleep apnea, gum health issues, damaged enamel, cavities, and more can be caused by an overbite.

A solid orthodontist in Gladstone will tell you that crooked teeth issues should be solved as early as possible in order to avoid dealing with the painful side effects and other health issues they can cause. If you have crooked teeth of any kind, you might think about looking into Invisalign as a solution.


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