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Netgear wifi extender not connecting to internet- Need Help!

Bothered by Netgear extender not connecting to Internet?

Let’s get that Fixed!

Where to Start?

First of all, find whether it’s the router or wifi extender itself stopping from connecting to Internet. Depending on the root cause, you may later fix the wifi extender error.

To find the trouble maker, check for the following signs on router:

  • Blinking red light on router *
  • No DSL LED light
  • Amber LED flashing on router
  • not working
  • Can’t find SSID of 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz on wifi accessing device

If it’s not router then, check following signs on wifi extender which causes Wifi extender not connecting internet problem:

  • Red light flashing on Netgear Extender
  • Amber color LED blinking on 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz network
  • Too many devices connected on router’s network
  • Microwave oven, Bluetooth speakers, or wireless baby monitors like device placed close to extender
  • Firmware update notification keeps popping as soon you connect it with device like computer

Hope, you are able to find the agitator of wifi extender not connecting to Internet.

So, let’s troubleshoot it THEN!!

Note: If in any case, you can’t detect the cause, no worries! Simply apply each Netgear range extender solution in given sequence and fix your internet connectivity problem with wifi extender.

Router not allowing Extender to connect with Wifi: FIXED

In order to fix router so, you can easily connect Internet & extender- here are your troubleshooting steps:

  1. Bring Extender and router close to each other again unless the former connects to wifi.
  2. Login from a browser window of wifi accessing device and check wireless settings.
    If faces routerlogin error refer: Unable to login on windows

Note: Confirm network ranges are enabled, security option is set to WPA2, router firmware is upgraded, and dynamic IP is assigned.

  1. Fix router red light or orange light issue from guides link provided above (in case, they occur)*.
  2. Still, extender refuses to connect with router? Check the cables connected between them.

If required, replace them immediately!

  1. Change router’s and range extender’s position to fix Internet trouble.
  2. When none of the above steps help you access internet on range extender, reset Netgear router.

Important: After reset process, you need to re-configure and setup Netgear router again.

Solution for Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet

However, if it’s the extender and not the router that’s bothering you, check out the steps below:

  1. Change extender’s position or in simple words, bring extender nearer to router.
  2. Login and make sure 2.4 GHz network is enabled and 5.0 GHz is disabled.
  3. Go to ‘wireless settings’ of extender and ensure the network key matches your router password.
  4. If you still find red LED blinking on Netgear extender, no matter what you do- Internet issue will prevail.

In order to resolve this, here are your steps to fix Netgear extender red light.

  1. At last, you may even try resetting Netgear extender to restore the default settings and setup range extender again to connect over wifi.

For more detailed or advanced solution, refer guide: Netgear extender not connecting to Internet or if require any professional guidance you may contact Wifi extender experts at 1-866-317-4606



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