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NCEES Mechanical FE Exam: Your path towards becoming a professional licensed engineer

Becoming a professional licensed engineer or PE is a sure way of having a fulfilling and prosperous career for engineering graduates. Your journey to becoming a PE starts with the NCEES Mechanical FE exam. The Mechanical Fundamentals of Engineering exam is one of the toughest exams. You can take this exam as early as your last year in the undergraduate engineering degree program but most students choose to take this exam right after their graduation.

You should take the FE exam as early in your career as possible since many of the topics tested will be fresh in your mind. The Mechanical FE Exam is a culmination of all the topics you learned in order to obtain your Mechanical Engineering degree.  The longer you wait after college, the less fresh these topics will be in your mind.  After college you will enter a career that will most likely focus on a few aspects of mechanical engineering, but the Mechanical FE exam tests all the major topics in mechanical engineering.  So make sure to take the exam when all these topics have been recently learned, which is the last semester of your college career. 

The Importance of Passing the Mechanical FE Exam

After you graduate with a mechanical engineering degree, it may be difficult to decide your future course. There are so many possibilities, like internships, full time jobs, postgraduate education, etc. No matter what path you choose passing the NCEES Mechanical FE exam will benefit all your future prospects. It shows your potential employers or universities you are serious about mechanical engineering. This sets you apart from thousands of other applicants.

Even if you are not interested in taking the Mechanical PE exam later down the road, passing the FE exam still opens many doors for you.

In order to pass the Mechanical FE exam you must have knowledge of many mechanical engineering topics like Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, HVAC, Machine Design, Statics, Kinematics, Mechanics, etc. This is one of the foremost benefits of the exam. It forces you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills within mechanical engineering. Other than that, you get better pay and more career opportunities as passing the Mechanical FE exam is a showcase of your high level of competency.

For instance, mechanical engineering graduates passing the exam get better opportunities in engineering design firms. Many big engineering companies require engineers to pass the Mechanical FE exam to apply. Taking the NCEES Mechanical FE Exam sets you for a path of more opportunities and success over other graduates.

Where to start

If you have decided to take the FE exam the best way to start preparation is to use the study material made available by online services like Engineering Pro Guides. Such online learning hubs offer you all the resources required to prepare for the exam based on your skill level. You can take mock practice tests to know where you stand and schedule your study plan accordingly. A structured study plan is necessary to pass the Mechanical FE exam. Do as many practice tests as you can to know which sections you lack in. 


If you are preparing for mechanical FE Exam, Engineering Pro Guides offers the best study material for exam preparation.



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