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Surrogate means a substitute or a replacement in literal terminology who temporarily labours for another person in a specific role. A surrogate mother is a person who becomes expectant by artificial insemination or surgical implantation of a fertilized egg for the motive of carrying the fetus for another lady. According to ordinances and regulations of a couple countries surrogacy is prohibited because of its latter outcome. Therefore couples who desire to have surrogacy travel to places where it is permitted. My Surrogate Mom facilitates one with surrogate mothers, egg donors, intended parents and surrogacy specialists. It is very effortless to toil on it. All one needs to do is create a profile, search for surrogate mothers or donors according to their necessity and location and start communicating with people of one’s interest. Some people find it a troublesome process yet it has become a widespread recourse for a massive number of couples in USA and Canada.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother is so back-breaking. The first thing that you must perceive is the resolution if surrogacy is appropriate for you. Next one must substantiate that surrogacy is legal in one’s country. Surrogacy is legal in USA and Canada. Then one may grasp a legal contract for this process. The utmost requirement in surrogacy is the perfect match and it requires a lot of endeavour to find the proper match for one. Hence when the right match is found once then the pregnancy will require almost 8 weeks to take place and initiate. Later, after the completion of the process the intended parents are notified to welcome their baby and make travelling arrangements according to that. These guidelines should be necessarily given to all those who are looking forward to surrogacy.

Now the surrogacy is of two main types known as traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy involves natural insemination process. And gestational surrogacy takes place when an embryo formed by IVF technology is implanted in a surrogate. If the genes are taken from the intended parents then the newborn child is genetically identical to the parents. Becoming a Surrogate Mother with My Surrogate Mom involves a few fundamental steps. You need to register yourself on the website and start connecting.

Surrogacy Costs are exceedingly high since surrogate mothers are very expensive. Therefore it is a big consideration for an intended parent. But the costs are at peak depending on the different types of surrogacy processes and all the assistance one requires till the accomplishment of the process. Surrogacy Costs are also sky high because the intended parents are responsible for all the expenditures of the surrogate mother starting from the time of pregnancy till the execution of the entire process. Like the medical expenses, groceries and meals given, insurance, clothing, accommodating, travel expenses, amount for massage, childcare costs etc. Some surrogate mothers even work for monetary issues and therefore are highly paid. Henceforth My Surrogate Mom fulfills all your requirements in all such matters with pleasure.


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Find Surrogate Mother, Intended Parents and Egg Donors online. Learn more about the surrogacy process in the United States or Canada and how much does surrogacy cost.

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