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Muslims Believe In Oneness of God and Faith

Muslims are the people who belief in Islam. They also believe in the holy book Quran. They belief in the Day of Judgment when human will be recompensed for their deeds. They believe in angels and also in predestination. After Prophet Muhammad, the very first Muslims were people from his family and friends. As centuries passed, Muslims have only grown in number.

The Muslims account for about one quarter of the entire world population. Islam cannot be judged based on the actions of Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving human beings with most of them striving hard to live up.

What are some of the articles on faith in which Muslims believes?

The Muslims believes in oneness of God. God do not have any father or mother, any son or daughter. He is the God of all humankind. He gives them peace, happiness, success and knowledge. The Muslims believes in revelations and the Quran as they are complete and in their original version. They also believe in the concept of angels. They assume that angels are the creation of God. They are splendid beings and purely spiritual that requires no drink, food, or sleep. They have no physical desires and materials. Angels cannot be seen with naked eyes. Some of the articles also describes about the five pillars of Islam.

How does Muslim believe in predestination?

The Muslim believes in the Ultimate knowledge and power of God. They consider God as wise, just, and loving. He does everything with a good motive although we fail to understand it sometime. The believer should have strong faith in God. We should recognize that our knowledge is limited and our thinking is based on individual considerations. The knowledge of God is limitless. The humans should make sound plan and choices. It is also believed that there are 99 names of Allah.

What is the significance of pilgrimage to Muslims?

Pilgrimage is also known as Hajji which means to continuously strive to reach one’s goal. It is essentially re-enactment of the rituals of the great prophets and teacher who believes in faith. It is a central duty of Islam and brings together Muslims from all across the world. The history of Islam considers pilgrimage as an important part.

So, now it’s very clear about the history and traditions of the Islamic Religion to every people whether a follower of Islam Religion or not. It’s is actually a very sacred religion among them who preaches.


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