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Morning sickness in pregnancy- problems faced

Morning sickness is the first hit you take as a pregnant woman. The whole euphoria about pregnancy is busted when you first run to bathroom because of morning sickness. For some it becomes occupation hazard to open refrigerator as you never know smell of what kind is going to boil your stomach. There is no sure reason known why women suffer from morning sickness when they are pregnant. Still it is best in your interest to know about the morning sickness and ways to deal with it. Here we will attempt to help you get rid of most common problems faced during pregnancy due to morning sickness.

What causes morning sickness?

There is no solid reason available why one suffers from morning sickness during pregnancy but there are some close causes known. Here are the major causes suggested in medical results:

  • Increased levels of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG
  • Increased progesterone levels which relaxes uterus muscles to prevent early pregnancy labor, however this also relaxes the intestines and stomach resulting in excess stomach acids
  • Increased sensitivity to odors
  • Eating vegetables-theory behind this study is eating vegetables produces little amount of toxics to skill insect infestation which are harmless to humans but these toxics can be extremely dangerous to embryos; nausea during pregnancy helps protecting babies from such toxics

In most of the cases the morning sickness episodes end by the 16th pregnancy week but there can be little manipulation in this period.

The problem which nausea due to morning sickness is that it occurs significantly in the initial pregnancy period when you might be feeling tired and down. This makes your condition worse as you are already going through mood swings.

What can help?

Morning sickness is common harmless side effect of pregnancy which deters with time. However there are some precautions you can take to deal with the problems you are facing.

  • Drink plenty of fluids to keep body hydrated
  • Get rest and sleep well
  • Don’t allow yourself to get tired
  • If you are feeling sick in the morning do not rush to get up and give yourself time to settle down
  • Eat something like biscuits or toast or have tea before getting up from your bed
  • Do not stop eating instead have small meals rather than full meals
  • Talk to family and friends for some extra support
  • Keep yourself busy and distraction can help you to doze away nausea
  • Avoiding eating foods that smell, it is best if someone cooks for you if not possible then avoid greasy foods
  • Ginger can be your friend to deal with morning sickness
  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not have tight waistbands

It is best in your interest to keep yourself calm during pregnancy. You emotional turmoil will make situation worse and it will not be of any help. Try to engage in interesting activities and get busy with your partner and talk to feel relaxed and comfortable.


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