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Money V.s. Love — Which is more important in the eyes of women?

In the real world, love is not perfect. In order to live a good life, More and more women tend to give up real love and marry a rich man. Especially with the development of the Internet, there are many websites that provide services to meet rich people. One of the most typical is the sugar daddy dating sites — The rich men can easily get a date with young and beautiful women by offering an allowance. In the eyes of these women, money is everything. She never thought that money can’t buy happiness. Some of the men they date are even older than their fathers, but as long as the man has money, he can have her..

A relationship without love is meaningless. I don’t know if this sentence is outdated. When you face the money and love, how would you choose? Let us see the views of other women.

Jenny - “When I was twenty, I chose love. Now I am living in a cheap apartment with my husband. I have to work 8 hours every day. When I back home from work, I need to take care of our children. I am in my thirties. I look very old. Even so, my husband didn’t love me as much as he used to do. He doesn’t buy gifts for me anymore on my birthday and drinks outside every day. He didn’t work as hard as he promised, so he can’t afford his family. If I can go back to the past, I must choose money.”

Marilyn - “I have been married to my husband for ten years. At that time, we didn’t have anything. The cost of the wedding was borrowed from relatives, but I never regretted it. Now we are very happy, we have our own house and car, all of which are earned by ourselves. I believe that love is more important than money. If you have a love life, you will have happiness. A marriage without love will not be happier.”

Lisa - “I am a divorced woman. I was married to my husband because he was worthy of all my love. I love him so much. In order to marry him, I ignored the opinions of my family. But later, I found out that I made the wrong choice at that time. Without money, there will be many contradictions in marriage. He can’t afford even the family. He stayed at home after losing his job. After a long time, I feel very tired, and life can’t continue. So money is also very important in marriage.”

Some women will give up real love in order to live a rich life, but many women will give up money for seeking a soul mate. When the two people really love each other, sometimes they don’t value money too much. Money and Love, which is more important in the eyes of women? Everyone has their own different pursuits, so different women will make different choices


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