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Money Lender Jurong

Why Get Financing from Licensed Money Lender Jurong

Jurong is a vast area full of opportunities at the heart of Singapore. It comprises of Jurong West and Jurong East. There are so many tourist attraction sites for both locals and foreigners. These sightseeing tourist attractions sites include but are not limited to the Japanese Garden, Westgate shopping mall, and many trendy cafes and restaurants. With all these business opportunities a financial facility may be inevitable.

With such opportunities, you can apply for a business loan Singapore and build a successful business. If not for business, you can apply for a leisure loan and have a luxurious weekend getaway in the streets of Jurong. There are various options that one can explore to get financing, but, better be slow and get it right, than be sorry. Be careful of loan sharks who are out there to entice you with their money, only to exploit you in the long run.

Why Licensed Money Lender Jurong and not other Financiers?

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for licensed moneylenders is very quick as compared to other lending institutions. For instance, if you are applying for a cash advance Singapore loan or personal loan Singaporeit takes less than a day to get it processed. Singapore licensed money lenders are the best when it comes to emergency loans.


They are classified as legal money lender Singapore as they are registered under the Ministry of Law. They are guided by rules and regulations in the Money Lenders Act. Therefore, they cannot overcharge the customers because their interest rates are capped to a given limit.

Customized Loan

They offer both Secured and unsecured personal loan SingaporeSecured loans are loans that require collateral while unsecured loans are those that do not require collateral. They also package your loan based on your ability to pay, your budget, and other needs.

Simple Loan Application Process

Their loan application process is simple and straightforward. It involves little or no paperwork. Unlike banks where the approval process takes ages, licensed money lenders have a very fast approval process which shortens their turnaround time.

Favorable Loan Terms

They offer the best loan terms as you can negotiate the interest and duration depending on your ability to pay. Unlike loan sharks, they reason together with the client in case of default by arranging alternative payment modes.


Singapore licensed moneylenders uphold the highest level of integrity when handling client’s information. All data held in their systems is encrypted in a way that an unauthorized person cannot get access to. Also, they employ professionals who understand the importance of data security.

Parting Shot

Regardless of whether you are taking a loan facility to fund a business, establish one, or for leisure, our discussion could be of no help if we do not offer a referral. There are a thousand money lending institutions in Singapore and finding the best may be a daunting task. But worry not, by following this link you’ll have fallen in to the right hands.


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