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Mold in the detergent compartment – How to get rid of?

Particularly popular with bacteria and mold is the detergent compartment of a washing machine, in which especially detergent can quickly deposit.

These deposits and the warm temperatures of the washing machine easily cause fungi that spread quickly throughout the machine. They are often recognizable by the smell and a different color of the detergent residue. Many mushrooms take on a reddish color.

The remedy can provide thorough cleaning. Remove the detergent compartment and place it in a bowl or bucket of warm water for 10 minutes. Add one to two small cups of vinegar essence to the container and clean the corners and edges of the tray with an old toothbrush or sponge.

If your laundry detergent often causes mold, we recommend switching to liquid detergent, as liquid detergents can only settle to a limited extent. Let us see what laundry and dry cleaning near me is suggesting on this topic:

Deposits in the lint filter:

Also, the lint filter belongs to the favorite places of the bacteria in the washing machine, because of the high temperatures, the humidity as well as the clothes remainders arise here sometimes the most unpleasant side effects like moldy and bad smells.

Compared to the detergent compartment, the lint filter can be cleaned a little faster and without much effort. Remove any residue left from the lint filter and rinse in lukewarm water for a few seconds. As a rule, it is not necessary to clean the lint filter just as thoroughly as other areas of the washing machine, since often only fluff of the clothing leads to disturbing residues.

Old rubber seals are true-breeding grounds:

Little attention is paid during cleaning often the rubber seals and the rubber ring of the washing machine, but here store most of the bacteria. Because of the optimal conditions for fungi and bacteria, seals often have the dirtiest spots.

Smelling water due to defects:

The worst case that can occur in a washing machine is a defect in the delicate components. Especially the drain pump can play a crucial role in the development of odors. Small damage is enough and water collects on the bottom of the washing machine, where germs and bacteria quickly form and then spread unsightly stench.

But even porous rubber seals are often the cause of water retention in the machine. Such defects can only be located and remedied by a service employee of the machine manufacturer.

It is advisable to use laundry and dry cleaning near me for the best professional dry cleaning services.


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