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Modular and tandem systems/color and heavy-duty detergents:

Depending on the degree of soiling of the laundry, the local water hardness and any stubborn stains that may be present, the individual "building blocks" of the "modular system" are added, so that all components are used independently only to the necessary extent.  Let us learn what laundry and dry cleaning near me is suggesting on this point.

This means that in more than 20 percent of households with soft water, the softener can be spared from the environment and your household budget. If you have hard water, just add more softener - you do not need more detergent substances for cleaning. The stain-dissolving bleach is only required for stubborn stains, heavily soiled or white laundry - so only about every fourth or fifth wash load.

Compact heavy-duty detergents are best suited for predominantly white, heavily soiled laundry. In addition to the washing-active and necessary for the softening of the water, they also contain bleach.

Compact color detergents are bleach-free but may contain additional color-protecting components. Color detergents are best for coloreds, but not for wool and silk. The necessary fine detergents should also guarantee the protection of the wool fibers by the choice of the enzymes used.

The total amount of chemicals per wash:

The ingredients used per wash about their ability to remove in sewage treatment plants and their toxicity to aquatic organisms

As a result, individual detergent types are arranged according to their environmental impact so that the following sequence is recognizable:

- Detergent in the modular system (if used properly, lowest environmental impact)

- Compact powdered color detergent

- Compact powdery heavy-duty detergent

- Conventional Powdered Heavy Detergents ("Jumbo")

- Liquid heavy-duty detergents (highest environmental impact)

The transitions are flowing. Some of the color detergents (compact powders) achieve the relatively low environmental impact of the modular systems.

Also on the market are detergent tablets: These are practically compact heavy-duty detergents in tablet form. This form mainly serves to simplify dosing. From an ecological point of view, there are no advantages compared to powdered compacts.

The packaging cost is slightly increased, the refill bag does not exist. However, detergent tablets can be a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional detergents for comfort-conscious consumers.

In this way, there are so many things need to consider while you are washing your clothes at home in the washing machine. If you do not want to take stress, it is advisable to use laundry and dry cleaning near me for the best dry cleaning service.


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