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Structure of modest abaya dresses- Mostly abaya dresses have wrist- length long sleeves and high necks appear on these dresses. Their hems are a little longer and the corsets are showcased beneath plain pole necks. And all its thanks go to the rise of something called modest wear. Modest clothing is a type of wear that conceals rather than accentuates the body of the woman. An abaya dress truly symbolizes both modesty and elegant dressing that is according to the guidelines laid by Islam. Islam requires that women should wear loose robes that cover their entire body and protect themselves from unwanted trouble.

Evolution of modest abaya dresses- Abaya fashion has undergone makeover since ancient times, completely on the basis of the guidelines laid by the Islam religion. Through the ages several designs and fashion houses have experimented with the abaya dresses and have added a style and a sense of comfort that a woman today desires. An abaya is a modest dress both symbolically and patriotically.  Abayas usually used to be black in ancient times but nowadays it is available in various designs and patterns. Although black is still the most preferred color in Muslim countries.

Fit and style of modest dresses- It is required that the abaya covers the entire length of the arm. As the designers cannot do much with the length so they tailor sleeves in different shapes. These dresses are also available in various shapes and designs. These dresses are also available in a range of both luxurious and subtle fabrics. Some of the dresses are fitted at the lower and the upper waist whereas traditionally it is a straight long robe. They either feature a separate sash or a belt that fits tight around the waist or they come stitched in that style. There are designs that fit the high collars and a flare fit too.

Embellishments and embroidery of dresses- By means of the accents they feature, modern style abayas also set themselves apart from traditional designs. Embroidered cloaks are becoming increasingly popular in Islamic and Non- Islamic countries. Around the sleeves and the neck simple embroidery is done. Along the seams and the edges also a few of the dresses features embroidered designs. Sequins and jeweled embellishments look elegant and impressive at the backdrop of solid colors. Others also feature lace embellishments and sashes. Another way to experiment without compromising on modesty is to play with the design of the hijab.

Modest abaya dresses can be easily ordered online- The online abaya selling shop makes it possible to shop theses dresses sitting in front of your pc without any inconvenience and you can chose any design or style and have it delivered to your doorstep. The best part about online shopping is that there is secure mode of payment, first you receive your order and then you have to pay for it. With high resolution images and detailed information of every design you can easily chose the one you want to. Online shopping allows to directly buy goods and services from the seller.


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