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Maximize Your Longevity With the Amazing Power of Yoga

Longevity is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle which is a key to positivity, happiness, calmness, success etc. The following article has a few significant yoga poses that maximizes your longevity.

Keeping your house clean, clothes tidy, area or environment green are not enough to have a healthy lifestyle. This is because you are skipping the cardinal aspect i.e. your body. If you fail to keep your body healthy it will eventually lead you to negativity, laziness, health issues, and even woes. All these signs will adversely affect your health. In order to avoid these negativities, all you have to do is continue practicing your yoga routine. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will not only help you overcome these negativities but will also maximize your longevity.

Here are a few significant poses that will help you maximize your longevity. In fact, if you plan for yoga teacher training in Nepal, India, Italy, Thailand etc. these poses will also be a part of the program.

  1. Halasana
    1. Lie down on the yoga mat with your resting aside your body and palms facing downward.
    2. Breathe in and prepare to lift your legs so that they form a right angle with the body.
    3. When your legs are forming a right angle with your body; try to take them off the floor and place them behind your head. You may take the support of your hands in order to help your feet land the floor.
    4. Make sure that your back is forming a perpendicular.
    5. You must hold the position for at least 45 seconds. Then, release the pose while exhaling.

Apart from longevity, this pose will benefit you by increasing flexibility of the body, reducing the stress etc.


  1. SalambaSarvangasana
    1. Relax on your yoga mat with your arms lying sideways and straight.
    2. Tighten your body and raise it upwards in a movement. Make sure that your shoulders, elbows, and hands are supporting your lower body.
    3. You need to keep your spine an legs straight while keeping your elbows close to each other.
    4. Breathe in, and try to hold the pose for at least 60 seconds.
    5. Exhale while bringing the body down gently.

This pose is one of the best poses to tone your buttocks and legs. It stretches your shoulders and neck and nerves of the brain through it. It eventually, releases the tension in the brain and brings calmness.


  1. Utkatasana
    1. Stand in a relaxed position on your yoga mat.
    2. Now, imagine that you have to sit on a chair. Curve your knees gently as you are in sitting position.
    3. Raise your arms straight up. Make sure they are parallel to your legs and in a straight line with your back.
    4. Hold the pose for at least 45 seconds and don’t forget to breathe while in the pose. After 45 seconds, release the pose gently and let your muscles relax.

This pose is considered as one the best poses for the opening of the hips and toning the legs. It increases the circulation of blood in the heart. And, also improves back pain.


  1. Virabhadrasana II
    1. Distance your feet from each other and stand straight.
    2. Place your right foot at a right angle and left foot inside.
    3. Lift your arms in a straight line with shoulders and palms facing the ground.
    4. With the right foot at 90 degrees, stretch your arms and try to push the pelvis down.
    5. Keep breathing while doing the pose and keep looking in direction of the right foot.
    6. Hold the pose as long as possible and release gently.
    7. Again, repeat the pose with left foot.

This pose is recommended to those suffering from osteoporosis, infertility and flat feet. It stretches your chest, shoulders, groin and even lungs and builds up your ankles and legs.

These significant poses help you in several ways and increases longevity. In order to experience the best results, enrol for yoga teacher training courses or yoga vacations. Especially, if you wish to practice yoga in amidst of the Himalayas, you may choose for yoga teacher training in Nepal or yoga vacations in Nepal.



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Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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