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Marketing With the Largest Video Portal Today

With a monthly user base of around one billion, YouTube is the largest video portal in the world. At the same time, the platform is the second largest search engine after Google. For SMEs, YouTube is ideal for disseminating content and promoting services and products. In return for text-based advertising and images, videos are emotional, captivating and easily digestible for viewers. For the same reason, even the YouTube subscribers play a huge impact in increasing your view count.

Successful Branding with YouTube Marketing

Ads on YouTube are ideal for brand and corporate branding. YouTube marketing is a about making the targeted section of people aware about the business products, services thus it can be referred as a good promotional tool. For this purpose, various video display formats are available, which can be combined depending on the campaign goal.

Types of Video Ads That Are Possible on YouTube:

The YouTube video ads appear on YouTube, on sites and in apps from video partners on the Display Network, including on tablets and mobile devices. This depends on the targeting or selection. If you've set this up, you can advertise on YouTube in three different ways:

True View in-stream ads: In-stream ads appear on YouTube before, during, or after videos, or on video partner sites and apps. Viewers can choose to skip the ad after five seconds. With TrueView ads you do not pay for accidental or uncertain impressions. You only pay when viewers watch or interact with your video or animation for 30 seconds or more.

True View video discovery ads: These ads can be placed in search results on YouTube, in addition to related YouTube videos and on the YouTube mobile homepage. You pay as soon as people click on the ad. Now you can also buy YouTube subscribers and get the response you have been looking for.

Bumper ads: Bumper ads are short video ads of six seconds or less and are shown for other YouTube videos. The viewer cannot click away this ad. You pay based on a thousand impressions.

YouTube - Higher range than TV

In the US, YouTube reaches more users in the 18-49 age group than any cable network. Similar tendencies can be seen in Europe as well. Since YouTube advertising is still used by many companies, it is a cost-effective online marketing measure. By precisely filtering the audience, YouTube will reach the right users - potential customers. However, costs only accrue when users interact with the ad. If playback is skipped prematurely, no costs will be charged.

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