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Manage Your Widgets and Receive Nearby Updates

Digital technology is the newest progression in the latest trade and is simply the easiest way to take and enhance its overall features. Not only are these digital signs are helpful and informative, but with these additions, people can get interactive experience that sets you apart from the competitors. Another reason why a lot of business owners should prefer to use digital displays is because it is less expensive as compared to other advertising solutions available today. E-marketing is a concept that has, in such a short lapse of time, captured the interest of marketers and is fundamental. If companies want to survive in this digital world, e-marketing can be described as the achievement of marketing objectives. Even, by updating the Social Retail platform, we have now created the ultimate consumer experience.

For Operator:-

Our leading digital merging platform that enables you to drive, optimizes, and analyzes traffic for your real world location. Here are some cases below-


The advance techniques offer unique public recognition widget, weather info, news, twitter feeds, and more. It can also draw the attention of passing audience that gives your business an exclusive mode. Additionally, Social Retail can help you by providing send notifications to passer-bys that promote the brand image. Indirectly it attracts more customers by building your loyalty program, direct users to your store, and send out coupons.

Smart Cities-

Connector technology has developed as a game-changer in the world of proximity marketing. We allow businesses, organizations, schools, event coordinators and a number of others to get individuals nearby detections with iBeacon Connector. We designed the app that can send notifications with information when closing to a landmark and provide public service announcements. Our team provides travel guides by updating arrival times and delays of public transportation.

Sports Events-

Beacons are the simplest way to communicate for both senders and receivers. Herewith we accumulate your onsite digital marketing to increase efficiency with better management. It appeals to your booster to download your app and promote your sporting events to a larger consumer audience. So, manage it all through our cloud-based platform that track data to improve fan experience by sending exclusive, stadium-only content to fans’ smart phones.


This app can automate the patient check-in process and create indoor navigation for your hospital. It sends information directly to visitors, patients, and hospital staff to easily track medical equipment location. You can frequently know medical staff check-in, availability and your waiting period while in waiting room. While using mobile phone, it is a new way to have all the features of our Digital Social Retail platform.

Advantageous Outcomes:-

If you have retail customers who are interested in proximity marketing and customer acquisition, then we will serve connector technology. With Social Retail, your app users can realize benefits from our retail partners, and you can realize income stream. You can switch to a new plan or edit an existing plan whenever you want. Your new membership cost will kick in the first day of the next billing cycle.

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Sign up to our Digital Social Retail platform and take discount offers. We are in the space of iBeacon Connector which will allow an additional set of possible services. To live in a digital world and get offers explore our website at-


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