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We all wish to run a smooth household, but most of the times life catches up to us and things slip away. Once things slip away from hand it gets harder each day to synchronise everything.  We end up with piling-up things. The laundry, the bills, the trash, the schedule... everything starts to pile-up and the list goes on and on. So, to keep everything in place we need to keep a home inventory binder. It is a homeowner’s best friend as it helps to manage the home maintenance needs and to protect and secure your valued tangible assets and organizes valuable reports of your household.

How to make the inventory is upto you. There is no exact formula for it. You can physically walk around your house to build your list and can organize every item in each room from curtains to big furniture and added details, description and other important details on the notes section. Save the receipts of everything you buy. You will need them when you will put the details of a product. They will provide you more accurate information than mere guessing. You can also take picture of the recorded item and print and paste it in your home binder. You can color code it with highlighters. You can decide what style works for you.

For electrical and kitchen appliances like washing machine or microwave, keep the model numbers, warranty info and user manuals in case you need them. You can also schedule mobile or mail reminders to stay regular on home maintenance needs like water filters.

You may need the number of the plumber anytime. In case that number is deleted from your phone you will be in trouble and your work will be delayed. In your binder keep the contact info of handymen who work for you, so that you know whom to call for repairs.

Also include the doctor lists. Be specific with the specialization field of the doctor. Add contact and address info.

If you have kids, you need to maintain the schedule tab. It will include details like the days and timings of their dance, soccer classes and also academic tuitions. Throw it out when it no longer applies.

There are multiple reasons to keep a home inventory binder. In case of a natural disaster, fire break out or theft you will be glad you have this inventory binder as it will help verify losses. It is the best to be prepared to face a home mishap. A home inventory makes it easier to file an insurance claim and will help your claim get processed quickly.  When you need an item description in case it needs replacement or repair it will help you. Home inventory will help your family to have access to important info when you are away from the home

Just being ready with your inventory is not enough. You will need to update it constantly and store it in a safe place. Remember you have made it for your major damage or emergency purpose. Make sure it will serve you for that need.


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