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Make Your Workplace More Private

When you are towards the bottom of the office hierarchy, transparency seems to be very important and essential thing. You would want your superiors to tell you about everything that is going on. However, as you move up the ladder, you start realizing the importance of privacy. Juniors should be told only as much as they need to know. When valuable information spreads, it creates many liabilities. In business, it can be a big reason for rise and fall of the companies. So basically, the workplace should be kept private. But just thinking about it is useless. The important part is proper implementation. Here are a few ideas for that.


Layout and interiors

§  Too much glass is being used in the modern offices. The chambers of seniors are enclosed with glass walls. This is done so that they can keep an eye on the employees at all times. What they do not consider is that the visibility goes both ways. They can see the employees, but employees can see them too. This can lead to leek of many official secrets. Whether it is an agreement or the bid for a tender, everybody will be able to see it.

§  Most of the modern workplaces consist of a couple of offices on the sides and big open spaces in the middle. It has become a standard of some sorts. People who are getting this type of layout do not think about the major issues associated with it. There are many employees who work best in privacy. In open spaces, they get disturbed frequently. Also, sitting together in one huge space encourages the employees to interact with each other, when actually they should be working.

§  Those who do not have glass walls, have huge windows instead. Still everyone would be able to see everything you do. But the window can work if you use Custom Curtains, so you can switch between transparency and privacy as per your needs. If you want to purchase Curtains Onlinethen it will be good choice for you.


Administration and management

§  To make your employees understand the importance of privacy of the work related details, you need to respect their privacy. If you want them to not ask questions about company secrets, let them have some secrets of their own. Obviously, you cannot let them conspire against the company. But you can let them take a 5 minute break to go outside and smoke or just chat. When you will use Custom Drapesyour employees will obviously knock and ask for your permission before they enter into your office. You can go the same with them. Just knock. It is not a big deal.

§  You should also encourage the employees to respect the privacy of each other with Made To Measure Curtains. If you cannot provide separate chambers for everyone, at least give them a locker. It will be best option to use curtains in your office to give privacy.

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