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Maintaining a diary

This article is designed to debunk a lot of myths about keeping a diary: it's boring, does not do any good, it requires some skills and only takes a lot of time. Let's go through each of them separately.

It's not boring. Everything depends on preparation: choosing the topic, the right mood and environment. If you listen to further recommendations, then keeping a diary will be a pleasant and fascinating process.

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The diary is useful. When there are so many worries around and there is absolutely no time to think about yourself and your life, it is he who allows himself to return to the "here and now" state. Stop and think a little. Skills are not required. If you do not consider yourself a creative person and do not know how to compose beautiful texts as a writer, use The main thing is to write sincerely. Over time, you will begin to express your thoughts more accurately. Keeping a diary takes 20-30 minutes a day. Of course, you can allocate more time or less, but on average this will be more than enough.

Now it is more detailed about the usefulness of the diary and how to conduct it.

The benefit of keeping a diary

The habit of regularly recording your thoughts in a diary is valuable in itself, but it has additional advantages:

Improves mental health

Regular diary management can become a buffer for stress in everyday life. For example, someone keeps a journal of gratitude: this alone makes it possible to understand that in your life there is much good and do not blame yourself for what you have not got.

Self-esteem will increase if you write about successes or fill out the pages with affirmations. The mood will improve if the goal is to describe something funny or fun. In the diary, you can "survive" disturbing events in a safe environment and analyze what happened.

In ordinary life, we are often forced to say what is expected of us, and behave appropriately. You do not need to do this in your diary, you can relax and stay yourself.

You develop creative thinking

You've probably often heard that the best way to learn how to write is to just do it all the time. Regular maintenance of the diary will teach you how to effectively handle and transmit complex ideas.

The diary will help you remember important information and brainstorm to find new ideas. To write about your experience is a great way to see the opportunities that you missed initially.

The very fact of journaling helps start a brainstorm. In life, we usually confine ourselves to one or two options and begin to act. With the diary there is time to carefully analyze the problem and find dozens of creative solutions. Enough to slide on the surface, penetrate the topic as deeply as possible.

You are in a conscious state

Regularly keeping a diary literally makes you live every minute of your life consciously, because you know that you will write about it later.

If you set a goal to write about what you think, what you do and how you feel 4-5 times a day, it will be very similar to meditation. In return, you will receive awareness, and hence the ability to make your own, not imposed decisions.

You will begin to work on errors

How many mistakes do you make per day? About this very few people think. As a rule, we notice one mistake, we decide to fix it later, but forget and repeat again and again. Maybe it's time to remove them of her own life?

Errors can be in a variety of spheres: communication, business, work. If you start to break them into groups, you will see which ones are most often encountered. And most importantly - that in the emergence of most of them there are specific reasons.

You will become more organized

The brain is a perfect instrument, but when you are emotionally affected, it periodically turns off or malfunctions. You will become more organized, if you often keep a diary, removing the negative and looking at the situation neutrally.

You can write about your plans, think through options, competently organize the conflicting areas of your life. You can identify the habits of devouring time or actions that interfere with the schedule.

You will improve your memory

Improving memory is one of the most important tasks that each person faces. It allows you to find unexpected answers, is closely related to creative thinking and directly affects the ability to successfully engage in complex projects.

Keeping a diary will make your memory stronger, because you will need to remember and remember all the events of the day.

You can "digest" many of the circumstances of your lif

If your life is full of different events, but there is no time to think about them, then you become like a person who takes dozens of dishes from a buffet to try everything. But eat by inertia, and not for the sake of having fun.

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