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MacBook Service Center Mumbai

MacBook Service Center Mumbai

Is your Mac is showing signs of age and acting strangely ? Before you junk it, there might be some steps to fixes to what ails it.

Here are five steps to common Mac problems.

1. Startup problem - If your Mac fail to boot and you find yourself staring at a blank screen or gray startup screen instead of your desktop, then it's time to try booting in Safe Mode.

2.Incompatible login items

If you find yourself staring at a blue screen when you start up your Mac, it might mean that one of your startup items -- apps that start automatically when you start up your Mac -- is incompatible with MacOS. With a bit of trial and error, you can identify which app is the problem child. 

3. Unresponsive app

You might find that an app will occasionally trip up your Mac and hang. And when an app hangs, it freezes you out and won't let you do anything, including quit out of it.

4. Spinning beach ball

If you are seeing the spinning beach ball with increasingly regularity, then it's time to take a look at what might be causing the slowdown. 

5. No internet connection

Sometimes MacBook freaks out and can't connect to Wi-Fi network when Windows laptop and iPhone are having no networking issues at all. 

All of these issues gives frustration while we are at work. So one will plan to either replace the old MacBook with a new one. But why to buy a new one? When Fonecare can repair all your Macbooks with ease.

A fully transparent, easy, quick and affordable solution to get all your MacBook issues repaired. The cost of the service may vary for a different model.

You must repair the Macbook from the trusted and trained technicians from MacBook Service Center Mumbai. We expertise not only in screen damage and water damage but all sort of MacBook related issues have been solved by Fonecare.

Fonecare specializes in repairs of all models of MacBook. MacBook repair requires a special set of tools and equipments. It also requires skilled and certified technicians. Fonecare has latest tools and equipment required for repairs of MacBook. Fonecare also has a team of well skilled, properly trained and certified technicians who are capable of repairing all your MacBook with utmost care.

Issues we solve for MacBook are:

  • Dead MacBook Repair
  • MacBook LCD Replacement
  • MacBook Logic Board Repair
  • MacBook Battery Replace
  • Macbook Hard-disk Replace
  • Macbook Working Slow
  • Macbook Keyboard Repair
  • Macbook Trackpad Repairs
  • Macbook Wi-Fi Problem
  • Macbook CD/DVD Repair
  • Macbook Speaker Problem
  • MacBook Camera Problem and much more…

Authorized Service Centers are way too expensive for non-warranty devices and local repair shops may be cheaper but they may further damage your MacBook. So next time whenever you face problem with your beloved MacBook don’t get tempted to show it to local shops because if the damage it then you will never be able to repair that MacBook further.

Why Fonecare?

  • Pickup & drop Service - No need to visit our MacBook service center Mumbai to get your MacBook repaired. Just give us a call on 022-43453333 and we will pick up your MacBook & get it repaired and deliver it back after repairs


  • Skilled trained Engineers - All our engineers are well experienced, certified and well trained to handle any kind of MacBook repair service



  • Warranty on Repairs*  - We ensure best quality repair service, use genuine spares. We are supremely confident of all our repairs and provide Warranty on all MacBook repairs we do.


  • Safety of device and data – You don’t have to worry as your device is with safe hands.


Fonecare provides affordable pricing, with no risk of further damage. So simply reach out to Fonecare Mumbai on 022-43453333 0r 7302448448 for any MacBook related issues.







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