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Luxury Yoga Holidays in India Offering Unique Cultural Interactions

Have the world’s leading sociologists seen it yet? Yoga as an industry is growing to be a tremendous force in globalization.
We have passionate yoga teacher training graduates moving countries to teach their unique brands of a good life, ethical living, holistic health, and personal empowerment through yoga. We have many acclaimed yogipreneur facilitating beautiful rest homes, ambient infrastructures, and structured courses to disseminate the teachings of yogic philosophy in the world over. We have holidayers having enough good sense to merge their plans of luxury stays with yoga in international tourism. No wonder yoga is opening groundbreaking paths in positive cultural interactions and a global economy of power. Luxury yoga holidays in India bear proof of how yoga in India is greatly sought after by the global audience.
The Core Philosophy Of Yoga and Cultural Interactions
Besides the globalizing trend, there is a lot of ‘cultural interaction’ happening through worldwide yoga awareness. The intermix of cultures is something integrally in agreement with the core philosophy of yoga. Let us try to understand how--
Elementarily, yoga denotes yuj or unification. It’s the coming together of the sun and the moon in ‘Hatha’ yoga in a metaphoric sense, meaning a confluence of different energies. It is exactly what cultural interactions attempt to achieve. How is the pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses central to the ‘bhakti marga’ of yoga not in contradiction with the Christian monotheism? The answer lies in cultural interactions between Indian Vedic scholars and yogis and the yogis from across the globe. 
With the thriving of yoga in India as a distinctive mind-body discipline, the Judeo-Christian West has increasingly come in contact with Indic pluralistic traditions in theism, and scrutinized the worship of many gods to be nothing but worshipping the same Universal Divine Consciousness in various manifesting forms. On the other hand, in the Judeo-Christian traditions, we have the example of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology who realized divinity in inanimate earth and animals. 
It is through such exemplary oneness and similar vein of philosophy in apparently different traditions that we come to realize yuj or unification of the different energies in the universe. This is what cultural interaction and assimilation are good for and the thriving international industry of yoga is making this possible.
Here are three great luxury yoga holidays in India where cultural interactions between the West and the Orient get plenty interesting and complimentary to observing yoga as a mind-body discipline--
Experiencing Bhajan and Aarti In Rishikesh
The two extremely popular devotional music performance genres of bhajan and aarti are performed prominently in the daily rituals in the holy Hindu town of Rishikesh in northern India. Both of these performance genres invite a collective participation in the praise of the divine. 
Bhajan songs are usually dedicated to manifest deities and not the formless, attributeless Consciousness. These are performed at congregations inside temples, on the banks of the eternally flowing holy river Ganges, or by a hired group inside the premises of your chosen luxury yoga school. 
Aarti, another devotional musical tradition of the Hindus are chants of morning and evening prayers, observed with a spectacular performance. Devotees hold burning torches and dance against the falling dusk at evening aarti on the Ganga at Rishikesh and pull all the bystanders into a hypnotic trance of chants to god. 
Alternative Healing With Ayurveda In Kerala
Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic science of life has earned multiple validations from modern medicine over the ages. At luxury yoga holidays in Kerala, India you can indulge in Ayurvedic herbal wellness to your heart’s contentment. Kerala, the nerve center of the Ayurvedic traditions has many outlets offering sustainable healing and care of chronic diseases. Modified herbal diet, detox, and exercise are the prime tenets of Ayurveda.
Kanchenjunga- the Mountain Deity In Darjeeling
Kanchenjunga- a glittering high peak in the Himalayas near Darjeeling, India is also a deity. Locals pray at his feet for sustenance and blessings of nature. The aura of magnificence emanated by the high peak makes luxury yoga holidays in Darjeeling worthwhile.
Performing the Surya Namaskara before this towering divine presence could be truly transformative.
Make these cultural icons of India a part of your learning and point of interaction. May we are liberated from the patriarchies of single cultures and discover the oneness in all!  


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