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Los Angeles prom limo

Now I'm a little more adapted to American culture, I can say loud and clear the movies do not always lie. Anyway, last week was the last week for "my Frenchie’s" and as is a tradition here made a prom Limo party. The idea of this festival is to rent a limousine for the night from one side to another partying. The limo takes you through the sites of the city and you say you're stopping. You can go to sites, as we were not going well in time, and we could only take the limo for hours, what we did was, first, go to the little beach, a small village that is next to San Fran. The truth is it was nice: beach, friends, and Los Angeles prom limo. After that, we went to an area from which you have spectacular views of the city. It was very windy, but the views were stunning. It was worth it. After that, we set travel closer to home and back to the center. 
The experience was cool and it was very different from what I'm used to doing. The next event we had was organized by the school named Prom party in Los Angeles prom limo. This is just like in the movies. The prom is a farewell party held at the end of the academic year in which everyone has to go super fixed (or at least that's the idea). Additionally, this type of party, is where king and prom queen is chosen and have to open the round dancing. The only thing we did was the corsage on her wrist, which I do not know if the style. 
Another thing I do not know if specific school or at all proms are the themes of diplomas; just before the election of kings, the principal gave some funny diplomas as, for example, the student who speaks faster, the more sweet tooth (greedy), which has made more enjoyable classes. After that, and obviously the initial kings dance. And to end all this American ritual, you could not miss the Los Angeles prom limo. This is the last of the celebrated holidays and much more formal than the last. In our case, it was held in the bar which is next to the academy. It's a pretty big Irishman who has a kind of platform they used as makeshift stage.
 This time it was in a closed room with rain but generally celebrate graduation outdoors; as our school is the west side, I guess with the swell has to be very nice; to see if our graduation to do well. The fact is that at this event the director makes a farewell and thanks to the students and some students make their own speeches. After this, there are some honorable mentions (best student, further progress ...) and end with that obtained diplomas and certificates endnote courses practices ... all with the typical background. 
 We've all heard Los Angeles prom limo in the films is distributed. The truth is that it is all very nice and very emotional prom party, of course, also very American. 


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