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Log Cabins - Second Homes Or Not

Log cabins make excellent all year round places to live even in the Ireland and as a matter of fact, they are really small houses but instead of bricks, you have logs! They are built to a very straightforward design and can sometimes be referred to as log houses as well as log cabins. Although log cabins and log houses are constructed from the similar materials they do have some differences; log cabins are usually built with round rather than hewn or hand-worked wood where as log houses tend be a one story building, with an almost "less finished" appearance (unlike the log cabins) as these were initially constructed with the intention of being short-term.

When people think of log cabins, they tend to immediately think of rustic and rural North America with their traditional log houses and barns? Well, did you know that log cabins have there roots in Eastern Europe and possibly even originated in Scandinavia around the Bronze Age (possibly around about 3500 BC)? They are constructed by stacking tree trunks one on top of another and then arranging them in such a way as to overlap at the corners and then notch the logs at the ends. Hundreds of years previously the customary design was to incorporate moss and other soft materials into the joints to make them more weather tight and they would even chuck over animal skins! However as you would suppose in nearly all parts of the world these days particularly in the Ireland, other, more convenient materials other than moss and animal skins are mostly used!

People still like to have a sense of tradition and surprisingly log cabins are still a popular choice of housing in some parts of the Ireland, Europe and America. They make a good alternative to the usual style homes that you notice today and are a great deal cheaper to build, run and can still seem very noticeable particularly in the colder regions of the north. They can however be constructed using logs of varying thickness to add to there attractiveness, in addition the thicker logs give improved insulation. You can either buy ready-constructed cabins or even build your own with a pre-milled log cabin kit if you wish, with the additional benefit of being more money efficient.

If you are thinking of buying a log cabin in the Ireland that is already constructed for you there are a few things that you may need to think about first; it may seem obvious however you ought to make sure that you have sufficient ground and measure the whole lot! You will also need to think carefully about its positioning and which direction your log cabin is facing before you build it and you will need to make sure that there is someplace nearby where you can get hold of services such as a sewer, water and electricity, as you can image these things are especially important unless you want to go wild and get back to nature. After you have found the precise location you can quite easily acquire log cabin kits on the web, these are becoming more common than buying a pre-built log cabin from another owner as you can get it constructed to your own tastes plus you get the additional pleasure of creating a home all of your own.

Whatever you choose to or not you will generally have to obtain a building permit, which for log cabins should be a straightforward process. However, building permits may vary from area to area.



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