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Load Balance Broadband Router

Load balancing routers can perform load sharing of traffic among multiple broadband connections including ADSL, Cable Modems and T1/T3 as well as offering redundancy in the event that one or more connections should fail. Load Balancing routers are designed to meet the need for businesses requiring high availability and scalability for e-commerce and Internet business applications. As businesses increase their use of the Internet to deliver mission-critical applications, a Load Balancing router will allow for the combination of multiple Internet connections, in order to improve bandwidth efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of complete Internet downtime. Mushroom Networks ‘products are based on the unique and patented and patent pending Software Defined WAN and Broadband Bonding technology developed by our engineering team through extensive research and development.

Streamer is a used to stream live video to website by bonding with the cellular or modem based 3G / 4G connections. It is also called as a bonding device to stream live videos to the website and any other digital network. You can connect your video switch through any Ethernet cable to start streaming the live video to the website or any other preferable network like CDN (Content Delivery Network). As you are using the 3G / 4G modem connections, the video quality will be high and using the video settings to make the quality as reliable and quite professional.

High quality streaming over bonded 3G / 4G wireless cards - Streamer uses award winning bonding technology that is optimized to stream video to web via aggregated 3G / 4G wireless data cards. This provides support for higher quality video settings, such as higher resolution, higher frame rate as well as unmatched professional grade reliability while you stream live video to website.

Transparent setup - Streamer is designed to simply slide into your video streaming work-flow without any change required. Simply replace your wired connection that you normally use to stream video with the Streamer and you can start streaming.

Support for most types of video sources - You can use your own video encoder or video switcher to feed into Streamer such as Flash Media Live Encoder on a laptop, Wirecast on a laptop, Tricaster, TouchStream or many other similar video sources to stream live video to website.

Support for many video servers and CDNs - Streamer supports most of the popular Content Delivery Networks and video servers designed to stream video to web.

High Speed Internet access - When not streaming video, Streamer doubles as a Broadband Bonding Network Appliance for high speed Internet access over the bonded 3G / 4G wireless cards for data applications.

Support for any service provider for 3G / 4G data cards - You can use cards from any carrier in any country. Please contact us for the latest list of supported data cards.


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