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Learn How To Be A DJ At Home, In No Time!

Know how funny can parties be? Of course, pre-COVID life can seem like a distant memory, but who can forget the excitement of flickering background lights while dancing with your friends the night away to the latest musical hits? And there is no denying it-the DJ is the party's soul! The type of DJ that you are having will make or break your special event. 

Let's say your DJ needs to curate EDM hits for playing at your club on Saturday night – they 'd have to learn about the new musical blockbusters to keep the atmosphere charged. When the DJ plays at your wedding they must be respectful of age and choose dance hits over decades to get the older guests on their feet too. Wouldn't it be awesome if they were playing for your birthday if the DJ were able to create a playlist full of special memories for you and your friend? Often, if you could only DJ for yourself and your loved ones, it might seem like it will be easier. But where should you start anyway, right?

Now you can make your DJ-ing fantasies come true with Borofy! It's never been this easy to add a new hobby to your collection. Just go to our listing and select the number of days on which you will like the DJ gear, and when, so you can use it during your practice period and on D-Day. And if you need any technical assistance, the best part is that Borofy's customer service works round the clock to keep away hassles. It can now be a beautiful journey to be able to create a musical experience-for yourself and your loved ones.

That's why your DJ-ing can be a perfect addition to any celebratory party, or even a gift. Help your friend to prepare a proposal? By playing some of their special album, you can make it even more intimate! Will your friend have a big wedding? You can also get DJ as a wedding present for them! The only thing you need is a sense of musicality, as the Denon DJ Prime listing takes care of everything else. The multicore processor can keep your music collection at your disposal, without the need for a laptop (though you can attach one if you want). It also stores audio formats which are uncompressed.

But all this doesn't mean anything if the tool isn't flexible and easy to use. The Prime 4 comes with multi-gesture recognition, and a touch screen of 10 inches. It has flawless audio quality, which remains unchanged even when playing music in different rooms! That's right-you can simultaneously entertain two different audiences. You'll also get a guide to help you get started along with a screen protector and a carrying case. If this is still not enough, all the other specifications can be found on our page here.

It was never so quick to hire Dj and to hire a DJ console. Right now, in Bangalore, we are offering the Denon DJ Prime 4 for sale, but we hope to grow and cover all cities soon! Even at incredibly low prices, you can rent mics, sound systems and audio and AV equipment from us to throw away your dream event and improve your DJ-ing abilities. Borofy proves you can find as many new hobbies as you wish as long as you have the passion.


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