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Know Everything About Masonry Repointing

Stone and Brick houses, which are, more than 70 years old face stability issues caused in between the joints.

The mortar loses its stability further creating issues in the whole infrastructure of the house in the form of flaking, long cracks and crumbling in the bricks and in the mortar of the house.

To control this, repointing is done, which is also known as tuck pointing. This process involves scrapping off the wasted and deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new mortar.  

All You Need To Know About Masonry Repointing:  

You can consider the option of brick repointing of the house when you notice the overall quality of the mortar is deteriorated.

To fix the strength of the mortar, you can call a professional mason who would inform you about the exact situation in detail.  

If your house is built in the 1900s, get your mortar checked by taking a small sample. It is possible that your old mortar has lime or natural cement.

Moreover, houses which are built prior to 1940s must have used soft clay bricks, which were fired at a comparatively lower temperature than what is used to create today’s bricks.  

A professional mason can inspect and then carry out the repointing task, if necessary. This includes removing the original mortar from the joints and replacing it with a new mortar.

Further, it also involves fixing up to an inch in-depth for durability. Once your new mortar is re-pointed, it will last to about 50 to 70 years.

The new mortar will benefit your house both infrastructure-wise and aesthetically. You have to be careful till the time your house is perfectly re-pointed with the new mortar set.  

Here are some things that you need to take care of if you get the brick repointing task done.  

During the brick pointing job, an expert supervision is always there, apart from the masons who are doing the job.  

Close all the windows and doors of your house as the whole process will create a lot of dust and hence will spoil the house.

You can also cover the area with plastic in order to prevent the dust from entering the house.

The whole washing away of the debris is a time taking the process and can ask for a heavy labour duty.  

The masons should do the mortar repointing appropriately i.e. according to the requirement – check this part personally.  

Make sure that the masons are not using any caulk gun as usage of any incorrect strength mortar can cause a severe damage to your house.  

It is important to check the kind of mortar used. Wrong mortar can ruin your house and spoil the bricks of the house within a span of 5 years. 

While contacting brick pointing contractors in Surrey, hire a qualified mason.

Make sure that the mason you hire has a good past work record. Go through their previous work portfolio and then hire them.

A professional mason will know what products are appropriate for your house and how to make the correct mix.  


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