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Know About the Life After Death in Islam

Every creature of Allah has to taste death. No matter to what extent we fear death, it is certainly inevitable. Death is a very scarred thing and some considered it as the end of life, but from Islamic point of view, death is only the cessation of our very own body but our soul continues to live. We bodily structure pause here, but our souls are eternal and to support this preposition there are a host of Ayatas and Hadis, which clearly says every creature of Allah has to taste death. From the understandings of Quran and hadith it is clear that there is a life after death, which is far much longer and certainly eternal. We are here in this world only for a purpose, that purpose is varied for varied people. We only need to complete the purposes which Allah has bestowed on us to taste our ability to complete our purpose.

Now the question comes what is life after death. Life after death is the continual of the existence of our souls as per Islamic philosophy and we have to pay or rather give a vivid account of our deeds in these world. That deed extends to both good deeds and bad deeds. For every single deed we are accountable to Alllah. Faith in life after death is one of the great fundamentals of Islam. Every muslim should have such faith and prepares himself or herself for the final results. Our final destination is either hell or heaven, so must pay outmost importance in preparing themselves for the final destination.

Our good deeds takes us to the Jannat and similarly bad deeds fetches us to the hell or jhannom. A lot of hadith narrates that if a human being is showed even a faction of the torment of the grave, then they will not commit even an iota of sin in this life. There is a heavy punishment for our bad deeds and similarly there are infinite pleasures or rewards for our good deeds. Islam is the only religion that speaks so vividly about the life after death. It gives a clear picture of our life after death. What consequences we will have to face once we bid adieu to this worldly life. We all are held accountable for our deeds and upon those deeds our punishments or rewards are decided. Muslims who submerge completely to the will of Allah finds in this world finds it easier to enter Jannah. We are given punishments and once our punishments are over, we are entitled to enter paradise but this phase is not easy. Perhaps this is the toughest thing which we can’t even think. Therefore, we all should intend to lead a complete Islamic life where we should follow strictly sunnats and Islamic way of living which is full of blessings in this world and world hereafter.


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