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Juan Antonio Nino Is a Respected Panamanian Financial Executive

Juan Antonio Nino Pulgar is one of the most respected Panamanian financial executive who has started his career at the National Bank of Panama. The successful banking executive initially worked in the compensation and current accounts departments at the National Bank of Panama. He then became its treasurer. After the integration of the development sectors industrial and agricultural bank, Juan Antonio Nino went on to occupy a position in a livestock development program that was launched by the World Bank. Juan Antonio Niño Pulgar next went on to become the general manager of Banco del Comercio and then the Executive Vice President of the Confederate Bank of Latin America. He then became the vice president of credit for Marine Midland Bank. In 1999, when Juan Antonio Niño Pulgar assumed the position of the Executive Vice President and general manager of Banco Uno Panama, the bank emerged as the country's leading credit card financing entity under the able leadership of Juan Antonio Nino Pulgar. After Juan joined the team, the bank occupied the 10th place in this category. Juan also does a lot of social service and in order to offer his services to the society, Juan joined the Lions Club in the year 1983. Lions Club is today very active in a more than 200 countries all over the world and helps in the development of several important community projects all over the world.

Juan has also participated in an event that was beneficially organized by the NGO women together to serve the needy population and also work for sustainable development. After attaining his graduation and obtaining a degree in Economics in the year 1977 from the National University of Panama. Juan then went on to complete his MS in Economics from University of North Wales in the year 1980. Juan strengthened his knowledge while working in the National Bank of Panama by working in various departments. While Juan was working for the Confederate Bank of Latin America, he not only managed to develop the reputation of the bank but also expanded the number of subsidiaries of the bank to almost 27 throughout the Panama region. Juan also supervised the opening of as many as 20 new agencies during his tenure of eight years as Vice President of Banco Uno Panama. Apart from attaining an extensive experience over the years, Juan also improved his banking and business knowledge by enrolling himself for various certification programs at the Wharton School of Business and at Harvard University.

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Juan Antonio Nino

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