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John Ludwig Greenville SC: The Master of All Trades

We often come across people who master in one thing and those who are a jack of all trades and master of none. It is very seldom in life that we see people who are a master in all that they do. The people, who have a good academic track record in school and college, were a part of a sports team, were an excellent employee and went to become successful and inspiring entrepreneurs are not many. One such dynamic personality with such multi-faceted talents is John Ludwig Greenville SC. A man of many talents, compassion and strength of character, John is not just a successful business tycoon but also a perfect family man. With his loving family by his side, he shows how a successful man builds the balance between work and family.

Everyday John Ludwig wakes up with the determination to revolutionize the world and make it a better place, whether it is through the way he does business or his charitable ventures. And after a day full of hard work, dedication and passion, he goes to bed with the satisfaction of having achieved a part of it. A pass out from Furman University, John Ludwig Greenville SC was titled the Outstanding Young Alumni of the University in 2007. Having been good in academics as well as a commendable athlete, he is an inspiration for many who wish to be an all rounder like him.

John Ludwig Greenville SC is the founder/owner of a number of companies, which include:

  1. SDI Networks Greenville, SC (established in 2009)
  2. Ludwig Properties,
  3. EverConvert and,
  4. SDI Funding.

He started his career at BSA Sales and then went on to buy the whole enterprise. He later sold it to another firm.

John Ludwig Greenville SC is not only a luminary in the business world but also has enough repute as a charitable man due to all the charity work that he does for high schools. Having been into sports himself, he understands the need of suitable clothing for sports persons and provides poor players with clothes and apparatus.

John Ludwig is a very hard working man with a heart of gold. He not only strives to make the world a better place through business but also through his social ventures. John Ludwig Greenville SC is an inspiration for everyone. He shows how an ordinary man can achieve extraordinary feats with dedication, passion and hard work.



John Ludwig Greenville SC

John Ludwig

John Ludwig is a highly energetic, entrepreneurial, team-oriented leader with a relentless will to succeed through genuine teamwork.

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