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John G. Ludwig Greenville SC: Businessman Beyond Excellence

Every other day, we hear about businessmen making it big in whatever sector they are. There are some businessmen who have established new businesses from scratch and then there are others who have taken well-established businesses to new heights. Also, we see a lot of businessmen making huge profits for their shareholders and others who are spreading the love with their philanthropist deeds. But have you ever heard of someone who is changing multiple lives in his own way? Someone who is doing all this and more at the same time? If not, it is time that you get to know John G. Ludwig Greenville SC.

He is not just a prolific businessman, great alumni and a man with philanthropic interests but has also been an eminent scholar and a great sportsperson. The sportsmanship spirit that he has acquired in his early days of life is also reflected in his never settle attitude in business. He believes in fair play and always makes sure that whatever business he does, it is deep-rooted in morals.

While a majority of us would never be able to gather the courage to leave a job and the stability that it offers to set sail in the unstable waters of building a business of our own, John G. Ludwig Greenville SC never shied away from taking the big plunge. In 2009, he quit his job at BSA Sales and set up his first entrepreneurial venture SDI Networks. This renowned IT Company, which has garnered tremendous applause from its satisfied clients, is not the only brain-child of John Ludwig.

He is the founding father of another very popular digital marketing company called EverConvert. John G. Ludwig Greenville SC founded EverConvert and the company now is thriving immensely with major customer appreciation due to the flexible and transparent services that they offer. While John Ludwig is an ordinary man, his vision is par excellence and his persistence in the face of all odd is what makes him stand out.

When the world is busy living ordinary lives and making no impact on the lives of others, John G. Ludwig Greenville SC contributes to campaigns of social welfare as well as towards social institutions. When he was awarded the Alumni of the year title in the year 2006 by Furman University, it was proof enough that he is an inspirational figure for the youngsters and we sure need more John G. Ludwig Greenville SC, to make this world a better place.


John G. Ludwig Greenville SC

John Ludwig

John Ludwig is a highly energetic, entrepreneurial, team-oriented leader with a relentless will to succeed through genuine teamwork.

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